couple arguing divorce

January Is "Divorce Month" And Here's Some Red Flags To Look For

January is sometimes called "Divorce Month," because lawyers tend to see an uptick in new clients after the holidays.
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Man Comforts Woman

Woman Wants a Divorce Because Her Husband Is Too Loving

A ladddyyyyy in UAE took her husband to divorce court after only one year because apparently he is too loving. From cooking to cleaning and everything in between, this guy was the total package...for someone else. She even stated that they would never even argue. One story from the one sided loving...
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Woman Divorces 300 Year Old Ghost Pirate

What is the statistic? Like 1/2 of al marriages end in divorce. Well, I guess same goes for marriages to ghosts. So who is this lady who obvious has no mental problems? Her name is Amanda Teague. Not only is Amanda married to a ghost, but she is a Jack Sparrow impersonator. Wait, it gets even...
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Jeff And MacKenzie Bezos

Fine, but Who Gets Whole Foods? Amazon's Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce From Wife Mackenzie

After a surprise announcement, many are left wondering what happens next for the richest man in the world
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