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Watermelon Head

SEE IT: People Wearing Watermelons Rob Store

Virginia convience store robbery watermelon on head.
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Only Half Of Your Coworkers Are Always Wearing Pants!

Only 53% of Americans say they always have pants on as they've been working from home, according to a new survey. And 9% of men and 3% of women say they never wear pants.
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Sleeping Forklift Operator Takes Down A Wall Of Merch

Video of a Sleeping Forklift Operator Taking Down a Wall of Merchandise
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FLA Woman Arrested For Slap Fight Over TikTok Videos

A woman in Florida was arrested on Tuesday after she started a slap fight with her girlfriend over an argument about TikTok videos. She was charged with domestic battery.
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Florida Cops Find Bag Labeled 'Bag Full of Drugs,' With Drugs Inside

Florida Cops Find Bag Labeled 'Bag Full of Drugs,' With Drugs Inside
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Vermont May Be The 1st State To Allow Emoji License Plates

There's a bill in the Vermont House of Representatives right now that would let people use EMOJIS on their license plates. They would be the first U.S. state to allow them if the bill passes.
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VIDEO: A Thief In Hovershoes Successfully Shoplifted At Walmart

A guy skating on HOVERSHOES shoplifted $551 worth of stuff from a Walmart in Florida earlier this month. The cops are trying to track him down.
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Florida Woman Builds Bomb At Walmart From Items On Shelves

A 37-year-old mom in Tampa is facing charges after she built a small BOMB out of stuff she pulled off the shelves at Walmart, and tried to set it off in the store. Luckily a security guard and an off-duty cop stopped her.
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Kylie Jenner Pretends To Care About Wildlife And Then Posts Pic Of Her New Mink Slippers

Kylie Jenner posted about how sad she is that animals are dying in the Australian wildfires. Twelve hours later, she posted a picture of her brand new slippers . . . made of MINK FUR.
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"I'm A Professional Drinker" - Two People In Different States Use Same DUI Excuse

Two people randomly tried the same excuse to get out of DUIs on New Year's. A man in Florida and a woman in Nebraska both told cops they were "professional drinkers." The cops didn't accept that excuse, and they were both arrested
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