Woman On Escalator

Supreme Court Awards $20,000 To A Woman Who Was Fined For Not Holding Escalator Railing

This amazing story comes out of Canada. The Canadian Supreme Court decided that a woman who was arrested because she wouldn't hold onto the handrail at a Metro Station will be awarded $20,000. Bela Kosoian is the woman's name, and this case goes all the way back to 2009! A police officer ordered...
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A Crowded Escalator Goes Way Too Fast and Causes a Pileup with Injuries

A crowded "down escalator" inside a metro station in Rome started speeding up and causing absolute mayhem. People were piling on top of one another at the bottom, and at least 20 were injured, some seriously. Fortunately, no one died. Somebody riding the "up escalator" filmed the chaos, and you can...
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