Woman Holding Phone Confused

Fake Amazon Dating App That Sells People Is Apparently Going Viral

Satirical Amazon dating app has caught the internets attention.
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Airplane At Gate

Flight Returns To Airport Because Passenger Faked Illness To Get Better Seat

An American Eagle flight had head to head back to where it just took off from because a woman on board faked being sick in an attempt to get a better seat. Who would think that would actually work? After taking off, the passenger began asking the flight attendants for a bigger seat. The attendants...
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I Did Not Say That!

What to write about today? I was looking through all these news stories and the one that stood out the most was How to Spot Fake Photos Online . The article not only covers what to look for in photos, but also briefly touches on how audio can be easily manipulated, and now even video. Granted, the...
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