Man Holding Meth

Man On Meth Fights 15 Police Officers While Masturbating

No, it's not Florida Man. This guy is out of Oregon. This dude was allegedly high on meth, and was able to fight about 15 police officers all while masturbating at the same time. Multi-tasking is strong with this one. 37 year old Andrew Frey was causing a scene in a restaurant in Oregon. It...
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Disney World Castle Fireworks

Florida Woman Got Banned From Disney After A Fight Over Cigarettes

Stop me if you've heard this one before . Florida Woman is at Disney World and can't find cigarettes. She starts a fight, hit a taxi driver, kicked a Sheriff's Deputy and now she's banned for life from the Magical Kingdom. Just another day. She was outside of Disney Hollywood Studios when she asked...
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Guy Challenges Random People To A Water Gun Fight

Okay, this is awesome. Some guy in Richmond VA walks around what looks like the downtown area challenging random people to water gun fights. Looks like a lot of fun. See for yourself! Video of #WaterGunChallenge Richmond, VA - WATER GUN FIGHTS
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five people fighting

Five Guys Get Into Fight At Florida Five Guys Burgers & Fries

There is literally no reason for this story to be interesting except the headline. Which you already know. FIVE GUYS GET INTO A FIGHT AT FIVE GUYS. NOW FIVE GUYS FACE CHARGES. That's it. That's the post. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? | Five guys arrested after fight at Florida Five Guys. Try and say that five...
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disneyland resort sign

Family in Disneyland Fight Video Say It Never Happened

We all saw it, right? The video was everywhere. A violent fight in Toontown at Disneyland. Of all places... TOONTOWN at DISNEYLAND. Video of Viral Video Shows Fight at Disneyland According to Police investigating the fight, everybody involved is basically saying, "Nah, that never happened." We...
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Toilet With Plunger

Unflushed Toilet Starts Florida Roomate Plunger Fight

There's a lot of reasons to fight with your roommate. They didn't take out the garbage, they didn't pay the rent on time, they ate the last pop tart that had been in the cupboard for no less than 8 months, but it doesn't matter BECAUSE IT WAS YOURS AND YOU WERE SAVING IT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION. Or...
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Easter Bunny Brawl In Downtown Orlando

In one of the most bizarre things you will probably ever see, the Easter Bunny stepped in to break up a fight in downtown Orlando last night with his paws swingin'! Video of Easter Bunny Save The Day in Orlando According to Orlando Weekly , the action took place when a man bumped into a woman and...
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Video: Fan Attacks The Chicago Blackhawks Mascot…And He Fights Back!

Justice served.
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Man Jumps Off Of His Boat Onto Tourist Boat To Fight

Somebody on a "tourist boat" shot a video of an Italian guy who's so angry that he jumps off of his boat and onto the tour boat to fight someone.
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Mom Pulls Out A Gun, Points At Kids While Teen Daughter Fights

In the video, the woman is seen hitting the other girl and aiming the gun at other girls.
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