Florida Man

Porsche Hubcap

Florida Man Bought A Porsche With Fake Check Printed On Home Computer

A Florida Man was arrested after purchasing a Porsche and attempting to buy expensive watches with a fake check printed on a home computer.
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Backpack of Drugs

Florida Man W/ Backpack Full Of Drugs Hides From Cops In Fire Station

A Florida Man drug dealer ran from a car crash last week and hid inside a fire station. The firefighters called the cops, and the guy was arrested with his backpack of drugs.
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Semi Truck

[WATCH] Florida Man Bangs On Window Of Moving Semi On The Turnpike

A video shows a man banging on the windshield of a semi-truck while it drives down Florida's Turnpike on Saturday afternoon.
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Bear Trash Can

Bear Wheels Florida Man's Trash Can Around Driveway

Bear Wheels Florida Man's Trash Can Around Driveway
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Florida Woman

Florida Woman Attacks Cheating Husband

Florida woman flight attendant found out husband was cheating. So she hit her husband in the face, and smashed his guitar against the wall
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Water Bottle

Florida Woman Hurls Water Bottles At Car That Cut In The Drive-Thru Line

A Woman Hurls Water Bottles at a Car That Cut in the Drive-Thru Line
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VIDEO: Cartwheeling Orlando Man Tries To Cartwheel Away From Cops

Watch video of a cartwheeling Florida Man in Orlando Trying To Cartwheel Away From Cops
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Shaq Stopped To Help Woman Whose Tire Blew

Shaq stopped on the side of the road in Florida on Monday to assist a woman whose car blew a tire. He stayed with her until the police arrived. And when they did, Shaq fist-bumped them.
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Human Head Found Next To Road In Florida

human head found on the side of the road in st. petersburg florida
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Florida Woman Throws Hot Pizza At Florida Man

A Woman Pulls a Hot Pizza Out of the Oven, Throws It at Her Boyfriend, and They Both Go to Jail
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