Florida Man

Funky Buddha

Florida Man Happy Hour With Funky Buddha!

submit (3) Florida Man Music Festival Dream Artists
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Jet Ski

Florida Man Leads Cops On Jet Ski Chase In Miami

Florida Man Leads Cops On Jet Ski Chase In Miami, Is Arrested
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Scratch Off

FL Man Steals Lottery Tix, Goes Back To Store To Cash In

A Guy Steals Lottery Scratchers from a Store then Goes Back to Cash in His Winnings
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Florida Woman Pees On Husband After Fight

Florida Woman near Tampa pees On Husband After Fight
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AC System

VIDEO: Florida Man Uses House AC System In His Car

Florida Man installed a house AC System in his car with a generator on top. daytona beach
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Car Stolen Daytona Beach

WATCH: Victims Cling To Car As It’s Stolen W/ Child Inside

video of parents hanging on to car as it's stolen with child inside
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Florida Man With Drugs in His Pockets Says Stranger Gave Him Pants

Florida man was busted with drugs in his pockets and told the cops a stranger walking by gave him the pants and he put them on without knowing what was in the pockets.
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Porsche Hubcap

Florida Man Bought A Porsche With Fake Check Printed On Home Computer

A Florida Man was arrested after purchasing a Porsche and attempting to buy expensive watches with a fake check printed on a home computer.
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Backpack of Drugs

Florida Man W/ Backpack Full Of Drugs Hides From Cops In Fire Station

A Florida Man drug dealer ran from a car crash last week and hid inside a fire station. The firefighters called the cops, and the guy was arrested with his backpack of drugs.
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Semi Truck

[WATCH] Florida Man Bangs On Window Of Moving Semi On The Turnpike

A video shows a man banging on the windshield of a semi-truck while it drives down Florida's Turnpike on Saturday afternoon.
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