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Florida Man Music Festival tickets could be yours. Listen for the code word and enter it here for your chance to win.
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Orlando has never seen a music festival like this! November 22nd, FM 101.9 will take over the Orlando Amphitheater with the hottest bands in alternative music today. 

Tickets are required for all attendees except those under 4 years of age!


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September 18, 2019


On This Day In Florida Man History: Sept 18: Man Rides Jet Ski On Highway

The only thing that makes a Florida Man story better is a Florida Man story with video. On September 18, 2018, a Florida Man was seen riding a jet ski down the highway, according to Local10 . Not on a trailer like you're probably thinking. He actually took a real jet ski and converted it for the...
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On This Day In Florida Man History: September 17: Tow Truck Loser

It's never been done to me but getting your car repo'd has to suck. While most of us will curse or maybe throw a minor fit, this guy took it to a whole new level. A Florida Man literally played tug of war with a tow truck trying to get back his truck, according to TheDrive . He definitely doesn't...
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On This Day In Florida Man History: September 16: Feet Sniffer

Well this is creepy and gross. On September 16th, 2015, a 52-year-old Florida Man was arrested for sniffing, according to CBSNews . It wasn't just the sniffing, it was what he was sniffing that got him in trouble. A complaint was made after he crawled under some library tables in order to smell a...
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The Best Things You'll See At Our Florida Man Music Festival - In Videos

Finally! The Florida Man Music Festival has been announced and we're stoked about the lineup this year. I'm sure I'll have plenty of actual work that day but it's pretty much guaranteed that during the songs below - you'll find me at the stage (most likely with an incognito adult beverage). Video...
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Disney World Castle Fireworks

Florida Woman Got Banned From Disney After A Fight Over Cigarettes

Stop me if you've heard this one before . Florida Woman is at Disney World and can't find cigarettes. She starts a fight, hit a taxi driver, kicked a Sheriff's Deputy and now she's banned for life from the Magical Kingdom. Just another day. She was outside of Disney Hollywood Studios when she asked...
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Florida Man

On This Day In Florida Man History - September 6 - Buck Naked Baker

Seems like this just happened yesterday but it's been a full year since a naked Florida Man set his house on fire while trying to bake cookies on a George Forman grill. That's a lot of dumbness in one story. According to NWFDailyNews , cops were called to a Florida Man's house because neighbors...
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Florida Man Breaks Into Home To Cook Breakfast, Tells Homeowners To Go 'Back To Sleep'

This Florida Man wasn't going to let Dorian stop him from doing something ridiculous. On Tuesday morning, a 19 year old Florida Man Marine broke into a home in the early hours of the morning and made himself breakfast, according to VT . When the homeowners woke up to the noise, they told the man to...
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costco store front

Florida Man Spends $50k At CostCo Sending Generators And Supplies To The Bahamas

This is the line in the blog where I say something about how Florida Man stories are all a weird joke and it feels wholesome when a good Florida Man story comes out. This is the line in the blog where I suprise you with some incredibly selfless act performed by a Florida Man. Are you ready? A...
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