Florida Man

Florida Man Steals Condoms & Lubricant, Leaves His Cell Phone Behind

Sometimes Florida Man is just dumb. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has identified John Speicher as the person who took condoms and lubricant from a Walmart Neighborhood Market on Sunday, according to NBC-2 . How did they find out it was him? Because he left his CELL PHONE at the scene of the...
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VIDEO: Kissimmee Officers Save Choking One Year Old - Caught On Bodycam

We usually have a ton to make fun of Florida Man for, but this is actually a story about something good. This past Saturday, a Kissimmee woman ran out out of her home with her one year old in her arms. He had swallowed a gold fish cracker and stopped breathing, according to Fox News . A police...
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VIDEO: Florida Man Drives SUV Through Neighbor's House On Purpose

It's probably not a good idea to fight with your neighbors. Not only do they know where you live, but when you're home and pretty much all of the other things you wouldn't want an enemy to know. This guy took it to the next level. Timothy Allen, 47, of New Port Richey, has had an ongoing fued with...
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Florida Man Chugs Two Bottles Of Wine, Gets DUI On Segway

Florida Man chugs two bottles of wine and gets arrested for DUI on segway
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Florida Man Reporter Wrestles Python & Saves The Day

Florida Man News Reporter Wrestles Python And Saves The Day
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Weed Arrest

Police Are Asking Man To Quit Calling 911 About Stolen Weed

Police have said that a Florida Man keeps calling 911 and reporting that his roommates is stealing his weed. Of course it's a Florida Man. A Tweet posted by a Pasco County Sheriff (below) shows the officer explaining about the strange calls on Saturday night. The officer called the guy back and...
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Florida Man Named Samuel L. Jackson Arrested For DUI

This is exactly the scenario that I would see playing out with the actor Samuel L. Jackson On Friday, a Florida Man named Samuel L. Jackson started screaming obscenities and making shooting threats after he was arrested for DUI, according to ClickOrlando . Police said Jackson "became belligerent...
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Florida Man Calls Cops After Roommate Steals His Weed

It's amazing this guy WASN'T arrested because he was obviously stoned out of his mind when he made this call. A Florida Man in Pasco County, Florida called 911 repeatedly on Saturday night to report that his roommate had stolen something from him...$20 worth of his weed, according to Fox35 . A cop...
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Florida Man Sings Amazing Grace While Hiding In Sewer Drain

Florida Man videos tend to be on the ridiculous side but this is waaaayyyy past that. We have no explanation of why this dude is hiding in a sewer, how he got there, or why he's singing amazing grace - but we're glad it's on video. Props to the dude that stayed to help him get out. CLICK HERE to...
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The Big Break Competition

Enter your band in The Big Break.
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