Florida Man

Slingshot Cable Snaps

WATCH: Florida Slingshot Ride Cable Snaps With Riders On It!

I used to love the Slingshot ride. Not anymore. This past weekend, the slingshot ride at Cobra Adventure Park in Panama Beach broke with two passengers in the chair. The video shows two people strapped in and about to slingshot off, when all of a sudden the cord holding the ride breaks and shreds...
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stone cold steve austin

Florida Man Says A Woman "Chugged Two Beers And Went On To Stone Cold Steve Austin My A**"

There's a 26-year-old guy named Coty Lee Havens in Fort Pierce, Florida. And on Saturday afternoon, he got into an argument with a 23-year-old woman named Chastity Bodnar over her drinking too much. It's not clear what their relationship is. Anyway, according to what Coty told the cops , Chastity...
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On This Day In Florida Man History: August 20th

In 2016, a Florida Man was arrested for hitting an 8 year old kid and threatening to feed him to some nearby alligators, according to the Washington Post . The kid's fine and no gators were actually involved so this may be one of the most tame Florida Man stories we've seen.
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VIDEO: Florida Man Attacks Jogger With Sword Over Trash Treasures

I'm a curbside shopper so this story hits a bit too close to home. (Hey, don't judge - my neighbors put out good stuff) Two Florida Men in Broward County got into it after they both wanted the same item from a neighbors trash pile - a lawn cart in surprisingly good condition, according to Fox35 ...
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Cops Looking For Florida Man With Emoji Tattooed On Face!

Well this guy shouldn't be too hard to find. The Orange County Sheriff's office is looking for a Florida Man with a praying hands emoji on his face. HIS FACE. Alright Orlando, get to it. NEED TO IDENTIFY: On 8/16, a boy, 12, was riding his bike on Lake Underhill from Legacy Middle when the subject...
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On This Day In Florida Man History: August 19 'Bubble Bonehead'

On August 19th, 2016, a Florida Man, Reza Baluchi, had to be rescued by the Coast Guard AGAIN after his third attempt to reach Bermuda in a giant homemade bubble. That's right - a bubble. Well, actually you could call it a watertight hamster wheel as well. Either way, it was a stupid stunt. Baluchi...
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Florida Man Threatens Neighbors Then Hits Himself In Face With Nunchucks

If you're not a ninja you should probably avoid ninja weapons. 61-year-old Florida Man Larry Adams lives in Daytona Beach, Florida, according to ClickOrlando . Around 1:00 A.M. on Monday, he got into an argument with some neighbors who were playing loud music in their car in front of their...
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Florida Man Pulled Over With Grenade, "It's Live"

Getting pulled over by the cops can be frustrating but there are certain things you should never do - like run...or be this guy. The DeSoto County Sheriff's Office posted some pics on Facebook of a traffic stop that turned a little bit crazy (post is below). Narcotics officers stopped a vehicle...
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Florida Man Pries Open A Gator's Jaws To Save His Dog

If your dog's life is in trouble, you've gotta save the dog. Even if it means going FULL #FLORIDAMAN. There's a guy in southwest Florida, in Nokomis, who heard some noises coming from the canal behind his house last week. When he got out there, he saw his chocolate lab was in the canal... and a...
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Florida Man Arrested For Crack In Crack...Really

Sometimes criminals make it super easy on the cops and help them CRACK the case by telling them where the drugs are hidden. I'm sure the cops in this case were grateful this guy came right out and said what he had and where he had it rather than have to go digging... Earlier this month, a 35-year-...
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