delta airlines baggage

Woman Boards Flight From Orlando To Atlanta With No ID; Pretends To Be Part Of Another Family

So if you saw the story I posted yesterday, it was slightly concerning when a woman was able to board a Delta flight out of Orlando International, destined for Atlanta, without any sort of ticket or ID. And after a short investigation, we now know how she did it ... by pretending to be a part of...
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Disney World Castle Fireworks

Disney World's New Skyliner Malfunctioned And Stranded Riders For Up To 3 Hours

Disney's new gondola system, The Skyliner, opened last weekend after extensive testing and renovations, but they can't plan for everything . Due to an unexpected (I have to assume) malfunction, one route of the Skyliner caused a ' pile up ' that resulted in some riders being stranded for up to 3...
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delta airlines baggage

Woman Boards Delta Flight From Orlando To Atlanta With No ID Or Ticket

I've got to wait in line for hours and strip down half naked to get on a flight, but apparently it's much easier than that. On Sunday, a woman boarded a DELTA flight from Orlando to Atlanta at MCO with neither a ticket or any form of ID. When asked where her boarding pass was, she said she threw it...
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dog nose in fence

Orlando Fire Dept Saved A Dog Stuck In An Air Vent

First thing's first. The dog's name is Hope, so nobody can write a story about it without puns. Long story short: A dog got stuck in an air vent on Thursday in Orlando. Fire Crew Tower 1 came to the rescue and was able to free the dog. My favorite part is the photo where she seems to be thinking, "...
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hard rock hotel hollwyood florida

Hard Rock Hotel In Hollywood, FL To Hold Job Fair Ahead Of Guitar's Grand Opening

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Geez, I really want to work in a giant, glass guitar some day"? Good news, now is your chance! The 400-foot tall Guitar Hotel at Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL is set to have it's grand opening on October 24th. It will feature 638 rooms, a seven-story 168-room "Oasis...
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generic halloween candy

The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Each State

A new study analyzed Google searches to figure out the most popular Halloween candy in every state... and the results are all over the place. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups won the most states with 12. Regular M&M's won eight states (including Florida), although Pretzel M&M's won two and Peanut...
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[Photos] 19 Minutes In Heaven With... Paper Jackets

19 Minutes In Heaven With... Paper Jackets An intimate, acoustic performance at the FM1019 Studios on September 24, 2019
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local natives

[VIDEO] 19 Minutes In Heaven With... Local Natives

19 Minutes In Heaven with... Local Natives. Performing live in the FM1019 Studios
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publix supermarket storefront

$6.99 Chicken Tendy Pub Subs Are Back On The Menu!

This is the entire blog. Bless that facebook page.
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Sea World Announces New Roller Coaster "Ice Breaker"

SeaWorld Orlando has been busy beginning construction on what was previously dubbed "2020 roller coaster" and today, we officially have the name - Ice Breaker . Prepare for backwards airtime during a quadruple launch at #SeaWorldOrlando . https://t.co/FGeElBS7oB — Orlando Informer (@OrlandoInformer...
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