[VIDEO] Shark Caught Circling Swimmer In PCB

Let's put aside, just for a moment, the fact that this was filmed on a potato made in 1997. Check out this glorious 240p video of a swimmer in Panama City Beach getting some company in the water. I'm 90% certain that's a shark, but the photo of Loch Ness Monster was better quality that this. Either...
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Toilet With Plunger

Unflushed Toilet Starts Florida Roomate Plunger Fight

There's a lot of reasons to fight with your roommate. They didn't take out the garbage, they didn't pay the rent on time, they ate the last pop tart that had been in the cupboard for no less than 8 months, but it doesn't matter BECAUSE IT WAS YOURS AND YOU WERE SAVING IT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION. Or...
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Sleep In Fridge

Southeast Experiencing Record Heat Wave With More To Come

Hot Today. Hot Yesterday. Even Hotter Tomorrow. No surprise to any of us, but it's HOT down here. The bad news is, it's record-setting hot and it looks like it might only get worse throughout the Summer. Phoenix didn't even hit 80 degrees this week. When was the last time anybody said, "Let's move...
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It's Official: Lovebugs Are Worse This Year

Screw these lovebugs man. I don't even like clean or nice things but my car is totally covered. Worst yet, the carwash is like a 30-minute wait because EVERYONE is getting slammed with these bugs. ---- LOVE BUGS -- -- I’ve had lots of messages asking about the love bug season, yes there are lots of...
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Traffic Isn't That Bad Here. You're Just A Baby.

So many of us are transplants from bigger cities where they experienced REAL traffic. It's as if you all forgot where you came from. Do you want to see traffic? Visit Atlanta, LA, San Fran, DC or NYC where it can take 2.5 hours to go 10 miles. HOLIDAY TRADITION: This was bumper-to-bumper traffic in...
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FL Commissioner Allegedly Licked A Dude's Face

Yowza. Well, this one is wild. The woman below allegedly licked her coworkers face back in 2012. Happy Friday!!! Watch out for those lickers out there. Stay dry!!!!! -- #OCDivas #ObsessivelyCompulsiveDivas #TrueCrime #Randomness #WTF #Apple #Podcast #Stitcher #Spotify #WeDontWantMano #...
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Introducing The Florida Doorbell Licker

You may remember that recently a California man spent almost three hours licking a Ring doorbell. Of course, since it was a Ring with video capability, the video went viral and he was caught. Video of Raw: California man caught licking doorbell Well now doorbell licking has come to Florida where a...
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Evanescence Kicks Off Short Tour In Florida

Evanescence have announced a U.S. tour. The two best things about the tour are.... It kicks off in Florida . They are back to their roots by doing away with the orchestra . Catch them while you can. This tour is a quickie!!! Tour Dates: 05/03 - Jacksonville, FL @ Welcome To Rockville 05/05 -...
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Fugitive Writes “I’m Not Here” On Mattress Expecting Cops To Believe It

This is probably going to be the dumbest story you read today.
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Bear Cub

Bear Rings Door Bells In Florida (Video)

Would you answer it?
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