Florida Alligator Issued Citation

Hows he going to pay it though.
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Woman Asks Doctor To Test Meth

Ok but who gives an old lady meth.
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Woman Stole Live Lobster From Red Lobster's Tank, Then Took Off

If you're gonna get kicked out of a restaurant for making a scene, you might as well really make a scene.
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Family Uses Airboat To Push Truck On Florida Highway

A family on I75 near Wildwood ran out of diesel fuel in their truck, which happened to be towing the family’s airboat.
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Cop Car

FL Squad Car Goes So Fast It Catches On Fire

I wonder if the perp got away?
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Cops Bust A Guy Who Says His Name Is "Ben Dover"

It's good to see the next generation recycling the comedy material Bart Simpson used back in 1991.
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21 Pilots

The Joke Is On Twenty One Pilots!

A quick chat with James before their big show in Tampa.
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McDonalds Being Sued For Cheese Charges

Yes you read that title correctly, and yes it's in Florida
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Guy Wearing Crocs Jumps Into Crocodile Pit In St. Augustine

Just because you wear CROCS, it doesn't make you an actual crocodile.
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Florida Mayor Soliciting Sex Construction

I wonder how bad construction is in his town.
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