Dan Luke And The Raid Up Next at The Social

Win Tickets To Dan Luke & The Raid at The Social

Win tickets to Dan Luke and the Raid at The Social
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Study Shows Florida #2 State In Representing America

When you look at the demographics, which state best represents America as a whole? A new study found it's Illinois, followed by Florida, Michigan, Arizona, and Ohio. Vermont ranked last.
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Florida Man Arrested For Dumping Cow Manure On Someone

A Guy Was Arrested for Dumping a Bucket of Cow Manure on Someone's Head
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human sticking out tongue

Jars Of Human Tongues Were Found Under A Gainesville Home

Multiple 'jars' of preserved human tongues were found under the floorboards of a Gainesville, Florida home, but it's nothing to worry about, really.
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A "Snake Orgy" Has Taken Over A Lakeland, Florida Park

A completely natural, not out-of-the-ordinary, "snake orgy" has closed off part of Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland.
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Florida City to Change The Code For Emotional Support Chickens?

St. Augustine Beach FL hears a families pleas to allow their son to keep his emotianl support chickens.
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saint motel in studio

Saint Motel Takes Over The Lil' Studio At FM1019

Before their show at Plaza Live, Saint Motel took over the lil' studio at FM1019 to perform "Diane Mozart", "Sisters" and "Van Horn"
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magic giant

Magic Giant Performs In The Lil' Studio

Magic Giant stopped by the FM1019 Studios before performing at The Beacham in Orlando, Florida
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Feet Fetish

Here's The Most Popular Fetish In Every State

A new study found the most popular FETISH in every state. And there are LOTS of different results, including leather, group sex, sadism, masochism, and armpits.
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lime scooter

A Lime Scooter Got Tossed Into Lake Eola On The First Weekend

The fanfare about LIME rentable-electic scooters is gonna fade quick, and it only took ONE WEEKEND before one got tossed into Lake Eola
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