lime scooter

A Lime Scooter Got Tossed Into Lake Eola On The First Weekend

The fanfare about LIME rentable-electic scooters is gonna fade quick, and it only took ONE WEEKEND before one got tossed into Lake Eola
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man holding powerball ticket

$396.9 Million Powerball Jackpot Ticket Sold In Florida

A Jackpot-Winning Powerball ticket for $396.9 Million was sold in (South) Florida...
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poop emoji pattern

There's A Giant Poop Emoji At Lake Eola; People Want To Know Why

On Friday, a giant, inflatable Poop Emoji will takes it's temporary place aside Lake Eola as part of a marketing campaign.
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iguana on tree

Florida Man Fills Car With Frozen Iguanas; They Wake Up

NPR recalled a story from where a man in Key Biscayne filled his car with frozen iguanas... but they woke up.
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the unlikely candidates

[VIDEO] The Unlikely Candidates Play In The Lil' Studio

The Unlikely Candidates perform at the FM1019 Orlando Studios on January 21, 2020
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iguana on tree

Beware Of Falling Iguanas Due To The Cold Weather

It's so cold in Florida that iguanas are freezing and the National Weather Service warns they might fall out of trees and hit you.
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Woman at grocery store

Lucky's Market Closing All But One Store In Florida

Well, this is a bummer. Lucky's recently opened up a market near my neighborhood, and my wife and a frequent this location a handful of times a week. Definitely going to miss that salad bar. This morning, Lucky's Market corporate offices announced and confirmed that they will be shutting down all...
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welcome to florida sign

Here Is Every State's Least Favorite State

A new map broke down every state's least favorite state. And Florida is the only state where the least favorite state is ITSELF.
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Florida Walmart Gets $80,000 Donation, Keeps Part Of It For Themselves

A Walmart in Florida got an $80,000 donation over Christmas to pay off its layaways. But when there was $20,000 left over, the managers and employees used it to buy a bunch of stuff for themselves. Walmart says it's taken, quote, "corrective action."
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woman with condom eyes

No Florida On List Of U.S. Cities with the Highest STD Rates

A new study found the cities with the highest STD rates. Baltimore is number one, followed by Jackson, Mississippi and Philadelphia.
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