assorted guns on a bed

Florida Woman Buys Baby Toy At Goodwill - Gets Loaded Rifle Instead

A woman in Crestview, FL bought a baby bouncer at a Goodwill store and found a loaded, semi-automatic rifle in the box instead.
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Orlando Neighborhood Suspects Peacocks Are Being Stolen

Residents of the Conway neighborhood in Orlando have reported their iconic peacocks being stolen.
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Dumb States

How Dumb Is Your State? Spoiler - We're Kinda Dumb

A new study ranked the smartest states by looking at graduation rates and test scores. According to the results, the five smartest states are New Jersey, Utah, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Montana. Idaho came in last.
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aaron gordon orlando magic

Orlando Magic Reveal New "City Edition" Orange Alternate Jerseys

In an event at the NBA Experience in Disney Springs, Orlando Magic revealed their City Edition alternate jerseys
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This Orangutan Is Legally Considered a Non-Human Person

By each passing day, it seems Florida gets weirder and weirder. The state took another strange step this week when an orangutan, that is legally considered a person, moved to a zoo in central Florida. Sandra, the orangutan, was granted legal personhood by a judge in Argentina, but after her home...
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publix supermarket storefront

Chicken Tender Pub Subs Are On Sale Til November 13th

Publix Chicken Tendy Subs are on sale.
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vince mcmahon xfl

An XFL Player Has Already Quit Because Pay Is Too Low

Is the XFL in trouble already? The season hasn't even started yet and a player just quit, saying he was misled about the money he'd make. He claims the base pay is just $27K, and that includes participation in a two-month mini-camp.
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olaf frozen balloon

Florida Man Arrested For Having Sex With Stuffed "Olaf The Snowman" At St. Pete Target

A guy in Florida went to a Target on Tuesday and proceeded to have sex with two large stuffed animals: Olaf the snowman from "Frozen", and a unicorn. He was arrested for criminal mischief.
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Riders Had To Be Rescued When Universal's Rip Ride Rockit Stops Halfway

Orlando Fire Department had to evacuate riders from Universal Orlando's "Rip Ride Rockit" on Wednesday morning after it got stuck halfway.
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party with red cups

Florida Teen Busted For Throwing "World's Littest Homecoming Party" At Grandma's House

A Palm Coast teen was busted by the cops about an hour into his "World's Littest Homecoming Party" after she advertised it on Instagram.
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