Taco Bell Is Giving You A Free Taco Today!

Taco Bell giving away free taco April 7th.
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Guy On Laptop On Cruise Ship

Free Porn For Passengers Quarantined For Coronavirus On Cruise Ship

Quarantined passengers aboard the Princess and World Dream cruise ship will be offered free tokens to use on the porn site CamSoda.
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Ankle Monitor

Murder Suspect Walks Free For 2 Weeks Because Ankle Monitor Repossessed For Non Payment

A man who's charged with murder may have accidentally found a big loophole in the system. Clint Walker was assigned a ankle monitor device by the court so authorities knew where he was at all times. Walker couldn't afford to make the monthly payments on the monitor. The service provider for these...
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boston market storefront

Boston Market Wants To Reward You With One Ton Of Mac & Cheese

Want to win a lifetime supply of mac and cheese? Of course you do. Want to go swimming in a giant bowl of mac and cheese? Boston Market just launched a new rewards program . And to kick things off, they're giving out a sweet prize to the first person to get 10,000 points: They'll win ONE TON of any...
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7-11 Day

Happy 7-Eleven Day! Get your Free Slurpee

It's 7-Eleven Day... a.k.a., July 11th. So you can get a free Slurpee today if you stop in between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM. And they also have other deals, like $1 pizza and hot dogs. Just don't confuse this with Bring Your Own Cup Day, where you can bring ANY container in and fill it up. That one...
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Is The Government Holding Your $$$? I Just Got Back $725.99!

No complaints here! I just got back $725.99 that the State of Florida was holding for me for who-knows-what! Who cares that I don't know why it's coming to me, it's FREE MONEY! This site is totally legit and run by the state so go get yours. Check if you're owed some cash HERE .
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I Pick Through My Neighbor's Trash

Yesterday I picked through my neighbor's trash, and I'm damn proud of it. Trash is treasure! Some backstory: My bike has been in the shop getting the muffler fix, so yesterday I took in a Uber over to the mechanic shop. As we were leaving my neighborhood we passed by a house that was putting...
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How to Get Free Food at McDonald's

Found a video that worked for some dudes in the UK...not sure if it will work over here in the States, but it's worth a try! Video of Free Food from Maccas
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Ahead Of Oscars, 'Black Panther' To Return To Theaters Again

NEW YORK (AP) — Fresh off of its win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, "Black Panther" is heading back into theaters. Disney announced Monday that Ryan Coogler's Oscar nominee will play for free Feb. 1-7 at 250 participating AMC theaters to celebrate Black History Month. Disney also said it will...
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Today's National Cookie Day... Here's Where to Get Free Cookies

Today is National Cookie Day, which is really perfect for December where it's cool to eat anything and everything you see . . . that's January's problem, right?
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