Fringe 2018

FM Fringe Pick 5.23.18: Frogpig

His father is a frog. His mother is a pig. And we can't wait to hear him sing!
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FM Fringe Pick 5.22.18: Shakespeare's Ghostbusters

It's a madcap mashup as 'Ghostbusters' is delivered with Shakespearean lingo!
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FM Fringe Pick 5.21.18: El Wiz

'The Wizard of Oz' retold in the context of Latino/Hispanic culture.
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FM Fringe Pick 5.20.18: Along The Way

Go on a journey with 'Along The Way.'
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FM Fringe Pick 5.19.18: James & Jamesy In The Dark

James & Jamesy are back!
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Fringe Thrones

FM Fringe Pick 5.18.18: Thrones! The Musical Parody

It's the musical parody that fans of the series are bound to be interested in.
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Fringe Toybox

FM Fringe Pick 5.17.18: Fallen From The Toy Box

The Fringe favorites are back again with an all new show!
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Callbacks Fringe

FM Fringe Pick 5.16.18: Callbacks

A look at the "small world" of theme park acting.
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2018 Orlando Fringe Festival

The 2018 27th Annual Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival takes place May 15th-28th.
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