Christmas Decorating Gone Wrong (Video)

Now we all have seen some cool decorations over the years. Some that can be tricky to the eye. Watch this News crew lose it whne they see this mans reactions to his neighbors decorations Video of News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Christmas Decoration Gone Wrong (Contagious Laughter)...
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A New Version Of Big Mouth Billy Bass Is On Sale . . . And It's Powered By Amazon's Alexa

The Big Mouth Billy Bass is one of the stranger products of the past few decades . . . like, why did millions of people want to hang a fake fish on their wall that talks and sings?
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The Top Turkey Fun Facts

Since we're just hours away from "Turkey Day" . . . it's a good time to check out this list of The Top Turkey Fun Facts.
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Man Rubs Vegetables On His Butt At Grocery Store And Puts Them Back

Here's a sentence I'm pretty sure has never been said before in the history of mankind - get your butt off my beets!
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A Guy Is Busted Using A Halloween Skeleton In The Carpool Lane

Here's a guy who just couldn't resist the urge to get a little more use out of his Halloween decorations.
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A Tired Kid Mistakes A Chair For A Backpack

Security video from a school in the Philippines caught a young boy napping at his desk as class ended, Newsflare reports. When he got up to leave, he was so groggy that he put his arms through the openings of a chair thinking it was his backpack. And then he actually walked through the room with...
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Florida Man Rides Bicycle Through Traffic On I-95 Wearing A Thong

We have absolutely no explanation for this. Just watch the video below.
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The Lamest Attempt To Catch A Shoplifter Ever

Two plainclothes “loss prevention officers” in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one male and one female, were filmed completely messing up their attempt to handcuff a female shoplifter.
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Friday Funny: Dads Make Babies Laugh (Video)

The headline basically says it all.
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These workers lose control of a Concrete Buffer and it is HILARIOUS!

The commentary by the people recording is the icing on the cake.
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