Guy Holding Dating App

Win $25,000 If You Find This Guy A Girlfriend...For Real

Jeff Gebhart is offering a reward to someone who can find him a suitable girlfriend. That reward is $25,000!
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Guy Proposed at His Girlfriend's Graduation and the Internet is Outraged

The internet is always so angry. This time everyone has moved on from being mad at plates, and now they're pissed at a 27-year-old dude from England. See what hat happened was... 25-year-old Agne Banuskevicute was graduating from the University of Essex. When she walked up to get her diploma, her...
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Florida Woman Grabs Boyfriend's Privates Until There Was Blood

Another tale from our fine state of Florida. So, a couple gets into a verbal fight, and shortly thereafter the woman grabs her boyfriend by the b-lls...until they bled. Yea, gross. For the complete story click here .
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