A Montage Of Karen Rants Replaced By Zombie Growls

video of angry Karen clips and replaced with zombie growls and screams.
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Haunted Street

Drive Thru 'The Haunted Road' Is Happening in Orlando

Drive Thru 'The Haunted Road' Is Happening in Orlando. drive thru haunted house
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Haunted Street

Drive Thru 'The Haunted Road' Coming To Orlando

Drive Thru halloween experience 'The Haunted Road' Coming To Orlando
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Universal Orlando Resort Globe

Universal Orlando Cancels Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Hollywood Studios has announced the cancellation of all Halloween Horror Nights events for 2020
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School classroom

Elementary Student Dressed In Nazi Costume At Schools Halloween Parade; Principal Suspended

I should also add, it wasn't just the principal who got suspended. You can add a teacher to that list as well. This all comes out of Utah after a principal and teacher let a kid dress up in a Nazi costume for their school's Halloween parade. The kid was ll decked out in tan pants, brown shirt, and...
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18% Of People Will Pretend Not To Be Home If Trick-Or-Treaters Come By

According to a new survey, 18% of people say their plan if they get trick-or-treaters tonight is . . . pretend not to be home. 65% will give the kids candy . . . 6% will give out something other than candy . . . and 3% will answer the door but give the kids NOTHING.
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pug dog in sailor costume on beach

[VIDEO] Dog In "Ambulance" Halloween Costume. What More Do You Need?

You know who's already won Halloween? This Australian Shepherd dog and his "ambulance" costume.
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monster hands in floor holding microphone

Are These Really The 10 Scariest Songs Of All Time?

Science measured the scariest songs of all time, and the list includes: "Heart-Shaped Box" by Nirvana, "The Becoming" by Nine Inch Nails, "Bottled Up Inside" by Korn, and "Thinking of You" by A Perfect Circle.
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Scared Pumpkin

'No Trick or Treating" Signs Lead To Lawsuit From Sex Offenders

A bunch of Sex Offenders in Butts County...yes Butts County...Georgia are suing the Sherriffs office because they had the gall to post "No Trick or Treat" signs in their yards. The Sheriff is obviously using these signs to keep children and people in general safe. Sex offenders are stating that...
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In 1999, I Was Fred Durst (From Limp Bizkit) For Halloween

In 1999, I Was Fred Durst For Halloween. I was quite cool.
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