Courtney Love Pays Tribute to Kurt Cobain on 28th Anniversary of Wedding

The two became an alt rock power couple on February 24, 1992. The small ceremony took place just five months after Nirvana released their breakthrough album, “Nevermind,” and Hole released their debut album, “Pretty on the Inside.”
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Courtney Love and Melissa Auf der Maur ​of Hole Will Reunite Next Month

It’s not quite the Hole reunion that has been murmured about for the last few years, but maybe it will end up being another step. Courtney Love and Melissa Auf der Maur will perform together at a benefit in New York next month.
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Courtney Love Just Rehearsed With Her Former Hole Bandmates

Courtney Love hasn’t hidden the fact that she wouldn’t mind resurrecting Hole – the influential alt band she fronted in the 90s – and now there’s new evidence a reunion is on the horizon. Love posted but has since deleted a telling picture on Instagram that was saved by at least one follower. The...
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California City Bans Gendered Word 'Manhole' Changed To 'Maintenance Hole'

The city of Berkley California will ban gender specific words in its city code and replace them with gender neutral options. What does this all mean??? NO MORE MANHOLES!!!! My holes are offended. The code passed unanimously on Tuesday and replaces more than 20 gender specific references/job titles...
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Frances Bean Cobain attends the Moschino x H&M fashion show

Frances Bean Cobain Shares a 'Very Sad Song'

It seems clear who it's about
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Your Mom Punched A Hole Through Our Galaxy

Turns out scientists have spotted a mysterious hole in our galaxy, and they have no idea what caused it. That is terrifying. Oh well, have a great day! Video of A Mysterious Object Punched a Hole in the Milky Way, Scientists Are Confused
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 Courtney Love performs in 2014

Courtney Love: "Definitely Talking About" Hole Reunion

25 years after breakthrough album
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Mel's Daily Rundown - A Reunion, New Music, And Snakes In A MF'ing Toliet!

-This summer may bring a Hole reunion…in Sweden. Courtney Love was asked if her upcoming summer show overseas could turn into a reunion with the old members and she replied, “we’re definitely talking about it.” Whhhhhaaaaatttttt. Looks like I’m going to Sweden. -This news is a couple weeks old but...
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Courtney Love and Melissa auf der Maur

Courtney Love Performs Hole Songs With Former Bandmate

Watch "Softer, Softest," Doll Parts" and "Miss World"
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Courtney Love performs onstage Hilarity for Charity's 5th Annual Los Angeles Variety Show

Courtney Love Jams Out "Celebrity Skin" with a 1,500-Person Rock Orchestra

Watch the football stadium performance
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