Ring Doorbell

Man's Ring Doorbell Cam Captures Moment His House is Destroyed by Dorian

Technically it was a tornado that spawned inside of the hurricane. That's why the winds go from 20mph, to what looks like 100 mph so quick. GOOSEBUMPS. This video is- wow. Just listen to that wind. It's from Jason Sawyer's Ring doorbell and it shows the moment a tornado destroyed his #EmeraldIsle...
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costco store front

Florida Man Spends $50k At CostCo Sending Generators And Supplies To The Bahamas

This is the line in the blog where I say something about how Florida Man stories are all a weird joke and it feels wholesome when a good Florida Man story comes out. This is the line in the blog where I suprise you with some incredibly selfless act performed by a Florida Man. Are you ready? A...
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puppy smiling at ice cream cone

Orange County Sheriff Deputy Adopts Puppy Abandoned During The Storm; Names Her Dorian

Of course, there was a baby born during the storm, and the parents named him Dorian . That's cool and all, but I like dogs more than kids. So shout out to Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Tolliver. During the storm, somebody abandoned an adorable puppy in a flooded car in a ditch. Luckily for...
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smart car

Florida Man Parks Smart Car In His Kitchen So Hurricane Dorian Doesn't Blow It Away

Everyone prepares for hurricanes in different ways. Ahead of Hurricane Dorian, one Jacksonville man had an idea to protect his smart car - he'd just park it in his kitchen so it doesn't blow away. First of all, take a minute to appreciate those awesome dogs. Then take a moment to appreciate the...
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Disney World Castle Fireworks

Disney To Donate $1 Million To Hurricane Relief In The Bahamas

In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, The Walt Disney Company has pledged to donate $1 Million in cash and support to the relief effort of The Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian. The Category 5 hurricane spent nearly 2 full days stationary over Grand Bahama Island before reducing to a Category 3 and...
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sealed bricks of cocaine

Sealed Brick Of Cocaine Washes Up On Melbourne Beach Thanks To Dorian

Although the coast of Florida was significantly spared from any heavy impacts of Hurricane Dorian, The Bahamas were not - please click here to find out how you can help the relief effort. As the storm continues to creep up the coast, the ocean has churned up a relatively unexpected discovery... A...
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boats washed ashore hurricane dorian bahamas

Hurricane Dorian And How You Can Help The Bahamas

Please make sure, before making any donations in support of Disaster Relief in The Bahamas, that you do your own research and verify that the organization you are donating to is legitimate and that your contributions will make it to those in need. There are many websites such as or Charity...
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Disney Catching Flack For Keeping Employees In Bahamas

Disney has their cast members still in the Bahamas and some folks are not happy about it.
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ice cubes

[VIDEO] "The Navy Should Drop Ice In The Ocean To Stop Dorian" -Guy

As the worlds greatest scientists and meteorologists study hurricanes like Dorian to find out what causes them, how to track them, how to warn people in advance... some guy down in Palm Bay, who sounds suspiciously like he moved here from New England circa 2017, has a solution. We're in 2019. He's...
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publix supermarket storefront

Publix Made A Hurricane Cake And Some People Aren't Happy

You may have heard - Florida is about to get a Labor Day Weekend visit from a potential Category 4 Hurricane, Dorian. And many people with a sense of humor, although they're still being cautious and treating the situation with the utmost respect and reverence, like to stay positive and might even...
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