Man Comforts Woman

Woman Wants a Divorce Because Her Husband Is Too Loving

A ladddyyyyy in UAE took her husband to divorce court after only one year because apparently he is too loving. From cooking to cleaning and everything in between, this guy was the total package...for someone else. She even stated that they would never even argue. One story from the one sided loving...
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Wife's Chore Chart for Husband Rewards Him With Beer and Sex Goes Viral

There's this "Honey-Do" list going viral from Reddit of a woman's chore sticker chart for her husband. Every time her husband does one of the chores six times and gets six stickers he receives a reward. See below: 1. Wash the dishes . . . 12 pack of your favorite beer. 2. Put the toilet seat down...
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Woman Reports That Her Husband Killed Her

Rebecca Nielson, 44, thought her husband was cheating on her. So, what do you do when you suspect your husband has been unfaithful??? Call 911 and say you're dead. Apparently, Rebecca called 911 operators pretending to be her husband, and told dispatchers that he had killed her. Kind of confusing...
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