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Woman Wearing FBI Hat

Woman Wearing FBI Hat Tells Gas Station Worker She's With The CIA

I've watched a lot of LIVE PD, and read a lot of news stories. I have come to the conclusion that 99.9% of criminals are complete idiots. Let's meet one. Lisa O'Donnel from St. Joseph County Indiana allegedly was wearing a hat that said "FBI" and told the clerks at a gas station that she was with...
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Dr. Pepper 2 Liters

Man Puts Gun To His Son’s Head For Drinking Last Dr. Pepper

This idiot is from West. Monroe Louisiana. A man was taken into custody because according to police he put a gun to his son's head because he drank the last Dr. Pepper. The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office stated that the son, 9 years old, and his mother told them that his dad, Chad Kinnaird, was...
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People Looking At Moon

A Japanese Billionaire Looking For "Life Partner" For Trip To Moon

Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese Billionaire looking for a life partner...that will join him on Space X's first tourist trip to the Moon. The 44 year old is in the fashion industry, and so far he is set to be the first civilian to make the trip around the moon on Space X's Starship rocket in 2023...
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Real Sex Doll

Father And Son Team Bring Real Sex Doll Rentals To Vancouver

There are these sex-dolls called Real Dolls. They aren't blow up dolls, these are very expensive dolls that supposedly feel just like "the real thing". You gotta be somewhat loaded, and somewhat perverted to own one of these, considering it costs thousands of dollars to purchase one of them...until...
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First Ever Human Composting Warehouse Opening In Seattle

This just sounds sketchy. So let's start with how it works. The process of human composting starts with a whole human body being tossed into some sort of container with wood chips, straw, and alfalfa. At some point oxygen is introduced, and a month later you turn into mulch. Anyone else feel un-...
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Cell Phones In Hand

Under 21? No Phone For You If This Proposed Bill Passes

I don't know why anyone would support the government being our parents. I remember a friend of mine one time commenting on a texting contest she heard on the radio saying "how irresponsible of the radio station to do a text contest while people are driving." Why does a radio station, or the...
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Man Holding Meth

Man On Meth Fights 15 Police Officers While Masturbating

No, it's not Florida Man. This guy is out of Oregon. This dude was allegedly high on meth, and was able to fight about 15 police officers all while masturbating at the same time. Multi-tasking is strong with this one. 37 year old Andrew Frey was causing a scene in a restaurant in Oregon. It...
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Baby Powder In Hand

Woman Addicted To Eating Baby Powder For 15 Years Says Its Cost Her Thousands

A mother of five recently revealed that she is addicted to baby powder, and that it has cost her over $7,000. 44 year old Lisa Anderson started eating baby powder 15 years ago after feeling a strange urge to do so while drying her son. Anderson now eats an entire tub every single day. Anderson has...
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Woman in store on mattress

Woman Falls Asleep On Store Mattress And Stays Night In Store

A employee at a mattress store in Missouri went about opening the store in the morning, but happened to find a woman sleeping on one of the beds on display. The sleeping beauty told authorities that she was testing out some of the mattresses the night before, and happened to fall asleep...the...
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Feet In Bed

Florida Man Says Burglar Broke Into Home And Sucked His Toes

This one is out of Bradenton Florida. The authorities are on the hunt for a individual who allegedly broke into someone's house and sucked on a man's toes while he was sleeping. According to WTSP, this actually happened on Christmas Eve (maybe it was Santa). The victim said he woke up to find some...
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