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Carrot and Donut

Poland Is Criminalizing Sex Education

In an effort to make people more ignorant, it seems Poland has decided to make sex education illegal. Any instructors who give any sort of sexual education to students and give information about contraceptives in any Polish school can earn themselves up to five years in jail. This new law recently...
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Weed Arrest

Police Are Asking Man To Quit Calling 911 About Stolen Weed

Police have said that a Florida Man keeps calling 911 and reporting that his roommates is stealing his weed. Of course it's a Florida Man. A Tweet posted by a Pasco County Sheriff (below) shows the officer explaining about the strange calls on Saturday night. The officer called the guy back and...
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Taco Bell

Taco Bell's Beef Recalled Due To Possible Metal Contamination

Around 2 millions pounds of Taco Bell's delicious seasoned beef used in tacos and burritos has been removed from their restaurants across the country. Their beef supplier, Kenosha Beef International, recalled their meat over possible metal shaving contamination. The beef is sent to distribution...
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Bomb Shelter

Family Hid In Cellar For 9 Years Awaiting Doomsday; Just Found By Police

A family from the Netherlands who believed too much in that 2012 doomsday rumors have just been discovered in their farmhouse cellar by police. The family who consisted of a 58 year old man, and six adult children ranging in age from 16 to 25, stated they were waiting for the end of times. They had...
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Prisoners Escape and Return with Whiskey

A total of four prisoners escaped from federal prison and decided to come back with whiskey. They were seen leaving the prison yard on Friday evening, and were soon caught by authorities. This comes after multiple reports of them escaping and returning to the prison with contraband including...
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Dog Sled Team

Low-Speed Dog Sled Police Chase

Some residents of Billing Montana had quiet a sight Wednesday night. The owner of the dogs and sled Jen Mignard said, "Last night, I had all four dogs out with my sled, and we were going really well. It was going great, and part of the reason we do a lot of these early runs is just for training. We...
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Woman On Toilet

London's Talking Anus "Be A Good A*Hole" Flushing PSA

You may know the actor Andy Serkis from Lord of the Rings. Well now, he is a talking A*hole in a new campaign to keep London citizens from flushing wet wipes down the drain. Turns out London sewers are filled with too many un-flushable wet wipes, so much so that this had to be addressed with this...
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Police Lights

Parents Adopted 8 Year Old Who Was A Woman With Dwarfism Who Tried To Murder Them

There's this couple from Indiana who's accused of abandoning their adopted daughter and running to Canada. Sounds terrible right? Turns out they were found not guilty because the 8 year old girl they adopted was apparently 22. Whoa! After the couples divorce in 2014, a doctor examined the girl who...
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Greta Thunberg

Fatboy Slim Samples Greta Thunberg Live At Concert

Fatboy Slim did a little sampling at his recent concert, taking parts of Greta Thunberg's United Nation speech and mixing it with his track 'Right Here, Right Now.' Nothing gets a crowd going like hearing Greta saying: “People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of...
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Levitate Shoes

$3,000 Jesus Shoe Filled With Holy Water Sell Out In Minutes

There's a new shoe on the block...the Jesus Shoe. It's literally a white pair of Nike Air Max 97's designed by a creative label named MSCHF. The thing that makes this shoe holy is that it's injected with holy water from the Jordan River. The holy water has been placed floating in the sole of the...
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