Get Paid $2,000 To All Episodes of ANY Show! is willing to pay five people $2,000 to watch every episode of whatever show they want. Pretty much anyone can apply, and if you're chosen, all you have to do is watch that show and post about it on social media.
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Job Board


COVID-19 has created an unprecedented impact across the globe - and with a disruption in consumer behavior and closures of business, there is an impact on Central Florida workers in the service, hospital, entertainment industries and beyond. See below for businesses offering current employment...
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graduation celebration

Check The List Of The Most And Least Valuable College Majors

There are tons of kids starting college right now - and none of them paid just to get yelled at by Pete Davidson - so they've gotta figure out what to major in. This MIGHT help them if they want to make money someday. Which, you know, could be cool. The website just ranked 162...
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woman panic attack in public

Are These REALLY The 10 Most Stressful Life Moments?

A new survey looked at the most stressful "life moments." And we're not sure we're on board with the results, because a few big ones didn't make the list. Like "Getting a knock on your front door when you're not expecting anybody." or "Having to call someone who came to your 8th birthday party that...
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The Average Side Hustle Brings in $14,705 a Year

Do you have yourself a side job? If so, according to a new survey the average yearly total income for an individuals side hustle is $14,704 after taxes. Also to note, 27% of Americans have a job on the side. The most common reason is to take home more money. Top 5 Side Hustles in 2019: 1. Beauty,...
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