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A Deaf Man Is Suing PornHub For Their Lack Of Closed Captions

A deaf man has taken a lawsuit to adult video website PornHub over the lack of closed captions on their videos.
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Police Sergeant Who Was Told To 'Tone Down The Gayness' Awarded $20 Million Lawsuit

Keith Wildhaber, a gay Missouri police sergeant, has won himself $20 million after being told by his managers if he wanted a promotion he should probably "tone down the gayness" This lawsuit goes back to 2017, after Wildhaber had been passed over for a promotion 23 different times. A court and...
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One Angry Swedish Dude May Change Length Of Yellow Traffic Lights In 90 Countries

A guy in Oregon was upset when his wife got a ticket from a red light camera, because he said the yellow light was too short. And now he's made a proposal to extend the length of yellow lights for 90 countries.
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Lawsuit Claims Man Was 'Injured' By Unlimited Refill Rule At Universal

A tourist from New York is suing Universal Orlando because he was "injured" by the 10-minute wait til between Unlimited Refills.
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Parents Are Suing The Creators Of Fortnite For Making Video Game "As Addicting As Cocaine"

If you've spent any more than 12 seconds around anybody under the age of 25 in the last year, there's no doubt you've heard of a video game called Fortnite . It's an online, battle-royale, cartoon-style video game where you can fight against people across the world and tell them how you've...
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A Vegan Woman Is Suing Her Neighbors For The Smell Of Their Barbecue

I make it a point to never meet my neighbors. It's not that I'm incredibly anti-social (but I am ) or that I don't want them to know me or my business (I don't ), but it just causes less problems. There are 2 houses on the same property as mine. I literally live 10 feet away from 3 other people...
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Popeyes 24 karat gold champagne chicken.

A Dude Is Suing Popeye's Over Trauma Of Trying To Get Chicken Sandwich

You can't get as famous as Popeyes new chicken sandwich without making some enemies. A guy named Craig Barr from Chattanooga, Tennessee (Of COUSE he's named Craig) just filed a LAWSUIT against Popeyes over the drama their chicken sandwich created in his life... 1. He says he wasted, quote, "...
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Lawsuit Claims There Were Bugs In The Chicken Wraps At Disney's Polynesian Resort

Planning dinner at Disney's Polynesian Resort? Maybe avoid the Chicken Lettuce Wraps at the buffet of the Club Level Lounge. A lawsuit claims 4 people were served, got food poisning from, and found bugs crawling all over their food. The lawsuit is seeking more than $15,000 for "for loss of...
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No Smiles For Marc Jacobs Courtesy Of Nirvana?

The famous smiley was originally drawn by the iconic Kurt Cobain and then trademarked by the band in 1992 . It was designed for the release party of the album Nevermind . I am sure that smiley was appropriately represented on those party-goers. What do you think? Is this a blatant ripoff or is...
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McDonalds Being Sued For Cheese Charges

Yes you read that title correctly, and yes it's in Florida
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