Feet In Bed

Florida Man Says Burglar Broke Into Home And Sucked His Toes

This one is out of Bradenton Florida. The authorities are on the hunt for a individual who allegedly broke into someone's house and sucked on a man's toes while he was sleeping. According to WTSP, this actually happened on Christmas Eve (maybe it was Santa). The victim said he woke up to find some...
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Man About To Poop

Teacher Admits To Pooping In Park For 2 Years

Though this sounds like a Florida-Man type of story, this one is out of Wisconsin. Teacher Jeffrey Churchwell, who would soon be retiring, has now been fined for defecating in a park for 2 years. His reason? He told police he was just "being a idiot" and because it was convenient for him. Doesn't...
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Goat on Car

Man And A Goat Taken On Frightening Three State Drive

This one comes out of Oklahoma...a man got arrested on New Years after he "allegedly" stole a truck and drove it over 100 miles with a sleeping human being...and a goat inside. What?! Brandon Kirby, who is 40, allegedly stole the truck which was parked outside of a porn store, went on a almost 200...
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Man With Tattoos Arrested

Man With His Own Name Tattooed On Neck Arrested For Giving A Wrong Name

This one is out of Illinois. Matthew Bushman was arrested recently after give police officers a fake name. How'd they catch him? Well, you read the title...his name was on his neck. Giving Police officers a fake name with rack up a charge of obstructing justice, and landed Bushman in the Coles...
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Man Pet Sheep

Man Allegedly Threatened Farmers Who Wouldn't Let Him Have Sex With Animals

A man from New Jersey just got arrested because he asked farmers to have sex with their animals, and they ended up co*k blocking him. After the farmers said "NO", he threatened them and even went so far as to damage their vehicles. This isn't a recent thing for Richard Decker (Animal Lover). The...
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Man Jumps Off Balcony While Running From Police, Lands On Wasp Nest

A 32 year old guy from Germany ran from police yesterday who were trying to serve him a 11 month prison sentence. At one point the man was trapped and the only way out was to jump over the balcony blindly. Well he did...and landed right smack-dab on top of a wasp nest. Even though he was able to...
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man with cat

Being A #Catchelor: Owning A Cat Takes Dating Stress Off Single Men

My name is Matt Malone... and I am a proud #Catchelor. Don't know what this is? It's had a Urban Dictionary definition since 2015. It's probably going to be all over the news and social media in the next couple of days, but you're hearing about it here first - because I'm a #Catchelor - and all I...
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Man Steals His Date’s Car Then Uses It For Another Date With Her God-Sister

The suspects name is Kelton Griffin. He asked Faith Pugh who he'd known since high school to go on a date, but the only problem is he didn't have a car. The solution? Faith said Kelton could drive her car, but first they needed to stop by the gas station to get some some cigars. Faith goes inside...
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California City Bans Gendered Word 'Manhole' Changed To 'Maintenance Hole'

The city of Berkley California will ban gender specific words in its city code and replace them with gender neutral options. What does this all mean??? NO MORE MANHOLES!!!! My holes are offended. The code passed unanimously on Tuesday and replaces more than 20 gender specific references/job titles...
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Man Uses Drone Armed With Fireworks To Attack Loud Street Party

A man was tired of all the noise and decided to take action. Using his drone, he strapped what looks like a roman candle to it, and took to the air with what looks like an attack from the future. Video of Annoyed by loud music, man uses drone to hit neighbors with fireworks
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