the rundown 9-20-19

The Rundown: Florida Man, Free Weezer, Gorillaz Watch and Tom Delonge's UFOs!

Music news in a minute - this week's top stories including Tom Delonge's UFOs and Florida Man Music Festival
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Father Face Colored

This Guy Made Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" Into A 3 Minute Long Musical Dad Joke, 'Dad Guy'

I don't have much information on this guy yet, but he goes by Funk Turkey on YouTube. Mr. Turkey just put out only his 2nd video on his channel, and sky rocketed to the #1 spot on Reddit. Check out one of the best song parodies I've heard in a long time. Also, make sure to like and subscribe to his...
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The Rundown - This Week's Top Music News In A Minute

Read more about this week's top news stories.
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Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong and Tre Cool of Green Day perform onstage during the 2017 Global Citizen Festival

Green Day Has A New Album Coming (The Internet Wants You To Believe)

Here at FM 101.9, typically we use our witty comments (we try) to get you to click on our links. But a lot of websites will just go full click-bait with no shame (jerks). Today, you can expect to find massive amount of headlines about Green Day's new album. Only it's not a new music album, it's an...
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stage and crowd at concert

Do You Feel It? Experts Say "Post-Concert Depression" Is Real

So you just saw your favorite band live in concert, or you just got home from an amazing festival... and you're feeling a bit down? It's not just you. Experts say , "Post-Concert Depression" is a real thing. It make sense to me, and I'm no expert. You get all hyped to see that band you've been...
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Imogen Heap Creates 'Hide and Seek' With Only Futuristic Music Gloves

Imogen Heap stopped by NPR to do a Tiny Desk Concert. While there she also showcased her new music gloves that can record, play, create, and and effects to music with just her hands. Time stamp is 9:16 Video of Imogen Heap: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
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vinyl record player

Top 11 One Hit Wonders

We all know plenty one-hit wonders. Maybe even songs/bands we wish were just one hit wonders. Or bands that deserved so much more (Looking at you, LEN 'Steal My Sunshine'). I guess it's about time in our lives where we start looking back and saying 'Oh yeah, that was a song...". Some of them are...
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All Grown Up: No Joke Songs On New Blink 182 Album

It's a new era. As Blink 182 gets ready to drop a brand new album and head out on a HUGE tour (playing 'Enema Of The State' in full), Mark Hoppus was answering some questions on twitter. Unlike previous albums, he says that the new one will have No Joke Songs (not at this point, at least.) no not...
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#RIP iTunes

It was the birth of online music. It was a pivotal part of my youth. Downloading mp3s off of L̶i̶m̶e̶w̶i̶r̶e̶ iTunes, completely, 100% legally. But now it might all be over. 18 years ago, Apple gave us iTunes and reportedly, they are set to take it away from us tonight at their WorldWide Developers...
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Two Guys Playing Guitar

McDonalds Metal Band Touring With Ned Flanders Metal Band

It's finally happened. Worlds have aligned and we're being blessed with what has to be the single greatest tour to happen this summer. Mac Sabbath - a McDonald's themed Metal Band will be touring with Okilly Dokilly , a Ned Flanders themed metal band. Are they coming to Orlando? No. BUT, you can...
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