Is Netflix Airing A New Episode Of "Tiger King?"

On Saturday, Jeff Lowe from "Tiger King" said that Netflix has a new episode in the works, and apparently, it'll be out in the coming days. There's been no official word from Netflix yet.
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Marilyn Manson Reveals Joe Exotic Once Asked for His Endorsement

Marilyn Manson has revealed that Joe Exotic from the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’ once reached out to him for support during his campaign for Governor.
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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Hoppus Weighs In on Which Blink-182 Member Is Joe Exotic in 'Tiger King' Meme

A ‘Tiger King’ meme has sparked a battle between Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus, over which member of blink-182 would be Joe Exotic from the hit Netflix series.
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Hype Of "Tiger King" Has Sheriff Asking For Leads On Carole Baskin's Missing Ex Husband

Following the popularity of Netflix's Tiger King, the Hillsborough County, Florida Sheriff is asking for any tips on the 1997 cold case disappearance of Carole Baskin's ex-husband.
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Quarterback Gardner Minshew Is "Jaguar King" In Instagram "Tiger King" Parody

In response to the hype of Netflix's "Tiger King" documentary, Jacksonville Jaguars QB1 Gardner Minshew reveals himself as "Jaguar King"
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Quiz: Which Character From Netflix’s 'Tiger King' Are You?

Take the quiz below to figure out which one of the larger-than-life characters you are from ‘Tiger King,’ Netflix’s new docu-series about the bizarre world of private animal parks.
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Everything Coming to and Leaving Netflix in April

If there was ever a time for binge-watching, it’s now. And Netflix is hitting the refresh button as we head into our first new month of the new normal.
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Netflix Extension Lets You Chat and Stream Movies With Friends While in Self-Quarantine

A Google Chrome extension will allow you to chat and virtually binge-watch Netflix programs with your friends even while self-quarantining. Entitled Netflix Party, the extension is available now.
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Quiz: Which Happy Show Should You Binge-Watch Next on Netflix?

Trying to take your mind off of things and watch something lighthearted and care-free? Answer a few of our questions and we’ll tell you which happy show you should binge-watch next on Netflix. Take our quiz!
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6 Horror Films to Stream on Netflix for Friday the 13th

Can you think of a better way to celebrate Friday the 13th? Light some candles, curl up on the couch and watch these spooky horror flicks that are available to stream now on Netflix.
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