New York City

new york city statue of liberty

NYC Man Tries To Sing Out Of Window; Promptly Told To "Shut The F**K Up!"

A man in New York City tried to replicate the magic of singing out of his window during quarantine and was giving a proper NYC response.
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miami beach spring break

This Video Shows Florida Spring Breakers' Travel Through Cell Phone Data

A data company has used cell phone data to show the travel and spread of Spring Breakers from one Florida beach.
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rat with food

[VIDEO] Meet The New York City Egg McMuffin Rat

A video in the New York City subway shows a rat walking off with an Egg McMuffin bigger than it's body, and you know what, good for it.
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Alec Baldwin Hustled by Statue of Liberty Tour Operator

Alec Baldwin and his family signed up for a Statue of Liberty tour they would never forget…because it almost took them to New Jersey. Baldwin took to Instagram on Sunday to voice his frustrations over being scammed by a touring company near Battery Park. Baldwin shelled out $40 for each ticket. As...
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WATCH: Woman Dances in Front of Lion at New York Zoo

(1010 WINS) -- A woman that climbed over the safety barrier and entered the African lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo over the weekend can be seen waving and dancing in front of one of the lions in a video posted to Instagram. The video depicts the encounter between the male lion and the woman who...
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NYC: This Is What A 67 Million Dollar Home Looks Like...

This is just disgusting. For that kind of money, I'd much rather own the fire station from Ghostbusters. Here's the listing in case you're interested.
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Target Makes CBGB Replica To Bring Attention To New NYC Store

According to Stereogum , Target is making headlines after the crazy way they brought attention to the opening of their new store in NY. At the grand opening they created a fake row of stores modeled after the East Village in the 70's. Fake storefronts like a juice bar and pizza place were present...
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