Supreme and Oreo Are Teaming Up to Make Designer Cookies and Some Fans Aren't Happy

Supreme has finally unveiled its Spring and Summer 2020 collection which includes its latest collaborations. Supreme and Oreo are teaming up to make designer cookies.
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Wait, Who Is Eating Oreos With Mustard?

A clue appeared in February 12th USA Today crossword puzzle that has some people confused - who is eating Oreos with mustard?
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Oreo’s Newest Dessert-Inspired Flavor Has 2 Kinds of Creme Inside

Oreo is drawing its latest inspiration from your favorite Italian dessert. The cookie company is gearing up to release some delicious and unique new flavors in 2020. In January, they already debuted Caramel Coconut and Chocolate Marshmallow (so get them before they’re gone) cookies, but the next...
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Oreo Reveals Unusual Mystery Flavor

The Mystery Oreo flavor has revealed itself! Oreo has announced the inspiration for its mystery flavor is “churro.” According to Fox News , the brand released the cookie as part of a mystery flavor contest on September 16th. Participants were asked to try the cinnamon cookie and guess the flavor of...
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You Could Win $80K For Guessing Oreo's Mystery Flavor

Back in June, Oreo announced they'd be running another MYSTERY FLAVOR promotion. They did it a few years ago, and everyone immediately knew the flavor was Fruity Pebbles, which tasted gross between chocolate cookies. Well, Oreo just announced the new mystery flavor will hit stores on Monday. And if...
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What Color Are Oreos: Brown Or Black?

Ready for something that sounds like a simple and obvious question but apparently isn't?
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