Wait, Who Is Eating Oreos With Mustard?

A clue appeared in February 12th USA Today crossword puzzle that has some people confused - who is eating Oreos with mustard?
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Hot Chicken Wing Oreos And Wasabi Oreos Now Exist

Oreo pumps out plenty of new flavors here in America, and some of them are pretty weird. But never this weird. Oreo just released two new flavors in China: One with orange HOT CHICKEN WING cream, and one with green WASABI cream, Thrillist reports . Innovation sensation: #TeamMDLZ @Oreo just...
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Sam's Club Is Now Selling A 9 Lb Bin Of Oreo Frosting

I know we all love stores that sell things in bulk. I'm a member at most of them. They come in handy when you need larget amounts of stuff. I can't quite wrap my brain around "how" or "why" anyone would ever need 9 lbs of ....well...anything. But, let''s just say you are in need of a big tub of...
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