New 689 Area Code Coming To Central Florida In June

It's time to familiarize yourself with a new area code. '689' is now officially an Orlando area code that will be coming this June. Due to the massive growth in the area and people moving here in droves, we needed a new area code as all combinations of 407 and 321 have been used. T-Mobile posted...
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The Ten Cities with the Most Aggressive Drivers

Yay! We made another list. But we probably shouldn't be proud of this one. A new study found that the ten cities with the most aggressive drivers are . . . 1. Los Angeles. (DUH) 2. Philadelphia. (Everyone is on the hunt for cheesesteaks) 3. Sacramento. (Because everyone is trying to leave) 4...
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Traffic Isn't That Bad Here. You're Just A Baby.

So many of us are transplants from bigger cities where they experienced REAL traffic. It's as if you all forgot where you came from. Do you want to see traffic? Visit Atlanta, LA, San Fran, DC or NYC where it can take 2.5 hours to go 10 miles. HOLIDAY TRADITION: This was bumper-to-bumper traffic in...
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Taking Back Sunday Will Flip A Coin To Decide Their Set In Orlando

Taking Back Sunday has just announced to second leg of their 2019 tour and we're on it! They'll be coming to the House of Blues on October 8th and October 9th. The band is doing something special for this tour - every two night show will get a double album feature, meaning they'll play two full...
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FM Sessions: Walk The Moon At Irish Shannon's

Photos from our FM Sessions with Walk The Moon at Irish Shannon's. Photos by Norrel Blair.
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Hot Mess Mel: V8 Explosion

Today started off so easy; I should've known better. I got to work around 7am and dove right into my show prep like normal. I must've really been in the zone because I grabbed my can of V8 to shake it up. I like to pretend I'm bartending and do it up high over my shoulder which is pretty stupid...
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Out of the Darkness Walk

I haven't had time to write a blog today, but I did want to invite you out to something. The Out of the Darkness Walk . I went for the first time when I was doing radio and living in Mississippi last year. The walk is to raise awareness about suicide and mental health, and supported by the American...
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Red Light Camera

Red Light Cameras Come Down Around Orlando

The new year is starting off great.
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Meteor Shower

See The Meteor Shower Over Orlando Tonight

Start off 2019 with a light show in the sky. About 60 - 200 meteors an hour will be visible tonight. According to Orlando Weekly , "The Quadrantids, named after an extinct constellation, are known for their bright fireball meteors and being one of the best meteor showers of the year." Anywhere...
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Las Vegas

Here Are The Most And Least Sinful Cities In America

Congratulations Las Vegas, statistics back up your marketing slogans.
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