Orange Maine Coon Cat In Woods

World's Oldest Cat Dies at 31

Rubble, reportedly the World's Oldest Cat, has died at the age of 31.
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Two Cats Fighting

A Reporter Keeps It Together On Live TV While Her Cats Fight Behind Her

A reporter in the Phillipines, Doris Bigornia, had to keep her cool on live TV when her two cats decided to have a fist-fight behind her.
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A New Dog Harness Tells You How Your Dog Is Feeling

A company has created a dog harness that tells you how your dog is FEELING. It interprets your dog's heart rate patterns to let you know if they're stressed, excited, relaxed, and more. They should go on sale later this year.
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dog and cat on floor

These Are The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2019 just released the results of its study into the most popular pet names for 2019. The top dog names were Bella and Max, and the top cat names were Luna and Oliver.
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cat laying on stomach

It's National Cat Day! The Average Cat Owner Spends 1,016 Hours a Year on Them

A new survey for National Cat Day found the average cat owner spends 19 hours and 32 minutes a week on them.
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dog in passenger seat

Tampa Is Getting Uber Pet So They Can Ride With, But Orlando Isn't

Uber is launching a 'pet-friendly' option in select markets where you can bring your pet along for just $4
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Your Cat Loves Loves You As Much As Your Dog... They Just Don't Show It

Just because your cat doesn't constantly lick your face (after they definitely just ate some poop), wag their tail when you come in the door (because they want food) , or even want to be in the same room as you... they still love you. A new study out of Oregon State University found that cats form...
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Corgi Racing: The Cutest And Most Chaotic Thing I've Seen Today

Apparently people race Corgis. And it's the greatest thing ever.
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person holding dog paw

People Are Getting 'Paw-Dicures'... Matching Pedicures With Their Dog

I don't have a dog. We've already covered before that I'm a proud #Catchelor , but I can at least relate to this. I spend more money on food and comfort for one tiny cat that I do my entire grown-ass self. So while people are freaking out about, 'how stupid is this? People are getting matching...
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According To A New Study, Orlando Loves Pets!

We may have hurricanes, killer mosquitoes, and Florida Man, but our pets don't seem to mind. Orlando was just rated the 2nd most pet-friendly city in the country (Scottsdale, Arizona was ranked first but whatever) The rankings are based on 24 different factors including: -vet costs -dog-friendly...
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