dog driving truck

Man Pulled Over In 100mph Chase Claims He Was Teaching His Dog To Drive

A man in Washington was pulled over after leading police on a 100mph high-speed chase, only for cops to find his dog sitting in the driver seat.
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Empty Toilet Paper Roll

Police Want You To Stop Calling 911 Because You Ran Out Of Toilet Paper

People in Newport Oregon are calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper.
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brown cow

A Fugitive Cow Is Wanted By The Police In South Florida

A brown cow has been on the run from the cops in South Florida for weeks, but luckily she is not considered dangerous.
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two friendly cops

Florida Man Arrested For 3 Felonies Compliments Cops On Being So Polite

A Florida Man arrested for 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors took time to thank the arresting deputies for being so polite and professional.
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Teen Driving Alone

Parents Let 11 Year Old Kid Drive Car Because They're Sick Of Him Playing GTA

Parents of a 11 year old allowed their kid to drive because they were fed up with him playing Grand Theft Auto.
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Man Holding Meth

Man On Meth Fights 15 Police Officers While Masturbating

No, it's not Florida Man. This guy is out of Oregon. This dude was allegedly high on meth, and was able to fight about 15 police officers all while masturbating at the same time. Multi-tasking is strong with this one. 37 year old Andrew Frey was causing a scene in a restaurant in Oregon. It...
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Goat on Car

Man And A Goat Taken On Frightening Three State Drive

This one comes out of Oklahoma...a man got arrested on New Years after he "allegedly" stole a truck and drove it over 100 miles with a sleeping human being...and a goat inside. What?! Brandon Kirby, who is 40, allegedly stole the truck which was parked outside of a porn store, went on a almost 200...
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A Police Horse Named Jake Won't Get Out Of Bed Without His Tea

The British love their tea in the morning, just as most Americans enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the AM. The only difference is, even British Horses need their tea. Well, at least one. Jake is a UK Police Horse who literally won't get out of bed until he has his tea. Oh excuse me, not just tea. The...
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Dance Club

Police Officer Who Danced Naked At Night Club Suspended

A police officer near Little Rock was just suspended after being recorded while dancing naked in a night club. Officer Cebron Hackett is suspended without pay and will have to finish remedial training. He was off duty while doing the naked dance, and looked to be very drunk when he took off all his...
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Moving Police Car

Man Charged With Impersonating Officer During A Police Chase

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