Surfing Couple Laughs

Man Proposes to Girlfriend While Surfing And Drops Ring In The Ocean

This could be one of the most "Hawaii" things ever. A dude was out surfing with his girlfriend. By surprise he got down on one knee while on his surfboard and asked her to marry him. She promptly said yes, and he immediately dropped the ring into the ocean. Even luckier for this guy, there were a...
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marriage proposal at sunset

A Guy Secretly Proposed To His Girlfriend For A Month And Took Pictures

What do you do if you want to stage an elaborate proposal for your significant other... but you're the kind of person who doesn't plan big, elaborate things? There's a 30-year-old guy named Edi Okoro in Herefordshire, England who figured out an answer . He got an engagement ring for his girlfriend...
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Guy Proposed at His Girlfriend's Graduation and the Internet is Outraged

The internet is always so angry. This time everyone has moved on from being mad at plates, and now they're pissed at a 27-year-old dude from England. See what hat happened was... 25-year-old Agne Banuskevicute was graduating from the University of Essex. When she walked up to get her diploma, her...
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A Guy Got His Marriage Proposal Into The New “Spider-Man” Video Game But Was Dumped Before It Came Out

Here's the story of a grand romantic gesture that crashed and burned.
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Disney Drama: Man Proposes to Minnie In Front Of Mickey (Video)

I wonder how Donald and Goofy feel about this.
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