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See the 'Home Improvement' Cast Then and Now

The stars of ABC’s ‘Home Improvement’ include big names like Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson, as well as other actors who you may recognize from TV shows today. See where the ‘Home Improvement’ cast ended up.
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Happy Birthday, Betty White! 6 Times the 'Golden Girls' Star Won Instagram

Betty White has become an icon in the world of sitcoms and stars. Spunky as ever, the 98-year-old has been making her rounds in pop culture, stealing the hearts of fans everywhere with her charm and wisdom. While teenagers everywhere cringe at their parents' attempts at social media use, White is...
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Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow' Is 20! 6 Facts That Will Make Your Head Roll

It's a wonder it took so long for Tim Burton to make his first proper horror movie "Sleepy Hollow." Although it has flown under the radar against the backdrop of the director's colorfully grotesque oeuvre, the 1999 film still holds up today, both as a standalone horror film, as well as the...
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