leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Saved A Guy That Fell Off A Cruise Ship

Leonardo DiCaprio was partying on a boat near St. Barts when he got word there was a search on for someone who fell off a cruise ship.
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dog nose in fence

Orlando Fire Dept Saved A Dog Stuck In An Air Vent

First thing's first. The dog's name is Hope, so nobody can write a story about it without puns. Long story short: A dog got stuck in an air vent on Thursday in Orlando. Fire Crew Tower 1 came to the rescue and was able to free the dog. My favorite part is the photo where she seems to be thinking, "...
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Squirrel Woman

Squirrel Leads Woman To Injured Baby

Virginia Police told the media that a local a squirrel tugged on a animal Whisperer's pants and led her down a trails to rescue its baby. Tia Powell told authorities she was minding her own business when she was stopped by the friendly squirrel. The squirrel literally stood in her way and acted...
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Bear Cub

Police Officers Rescue Bear Cub Trapped In Trash Bin

Police Officers in California help a crying young bear after getting trapped in a trash can outside of a Hotel in Lake Tahoe. The Cub reunited with his Bear family. Video of Deputies rescue bear cub trapped in trash bin
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Cat In Tree

Firefighters Save Man In Tree Who Tried To Save Cat

A man by the name of James Bennan from Massachusetts saw a cat in the tree and decided to save it...then he got stuck. Yes, the man who tried the save the cat now needed saving himself. Apparently the cat kept going higher, and so did Bennan until he got stuck. Bennan said, “I got up 60 feet or so...
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50 Gray Cats Rescued From Lake County Up For Adoption

50 cats are being removed from a house in Lake County.
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