Road Trip

Americans Expected To Take 700 Million Trips This Summer Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As coronavirus restrictions ease, more Americans are looking to travel, and to do so sooner rather than later. This summer, AAA forecasts Americans will take 700 million trips based on economic indicators and state re-openings. Read more now.
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Florida Drops Out Of Top 10 For Best Road Trips

I'm a big fan of road trips, especially road trips by yourself. I get it, it might get lonely, but you also have nobody to complain when you want to pull over to look at a particularly interesting pile of rocks. Some of my favorite road trips have involved piles of rocks. So if you're looking to...
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Can You Guess Which State Pops Up The Most On This List Of Strange Small Towns?

Sad to say but if you're a local looking to travel this year you can cross EVERY Florida town on this list off your itinerary. Trust me each one just gets worse than the last Dont believe me? Check out this list from Ranker that has three Florida towns in the top 10. Feel free to look up: The...
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