Furries Save Woman Being Assaulted In San Jose

Recently Furries helped stop a woman from being assaulted on the streets of San Jose California. Video of 'Furries' Stop Assault Of Woman On San Jose Streets For more on this story click HERE . Not sure what a Furry is? Well, this National Geographic piece should help you out a...
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Couple Riding Roller Coaster

Man Catches Someone Else's Flying Phone On Roller Coaster

The feer of losing your wallet, phone, hat, or anything in your pockets is always with you while riding a roller coaster. I just can't bring myself to wear a fanny pack, so it's either to the lockers or to my back pockets with all my lose items. I'll sit on my shoes and pretty much do whatever I...
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Watch Firefighters Raise Ladder To Help Raccoons Escape Fire

This newly uploaded video shows a ladder set up by fireman to help raccoons escape a burning building. Not many other details on when/where this took place. Video of Firefighters set up a ladder for racoons to escape a fire
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[VIDEO] A Pizza Hero Saves Us From Certain Disaster

Sometimes you've gotta look for the small heroes in every day life. This man deserves an award or a raise. I want him to watch this video every morning to get hyped up with the difference he's making in the world. Thank you, pizza guy. ( ToppersPizzaCalifornia )
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