white claw

White Claw Introduces 3 New Flavors You're Definitely Just Gonna Mix With Vodka

Just in time for the weekend, White Claw has introduced three new flavors that they believe fans have been asking for.
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Cold Beverage in a can

America is Running Out of White Claw

White Claw has confirmed that there is a nationwide shortage of their hard seltzer. They are working non stop to produce more, but White Claw has grown faster than anyone predicted. Representatives from White Claw were not specific on when the supply would return to normal, but they are doing their...
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smirnoff seltzer

Hard Seltzer Has Officially Gone TOO FAR.

You may be aware of my love for 'hard seltzer', specifically #NoLawsWithClaws, the completely unofficial slogan of White Claw - which is arguably the most popular of the Hard Seltzer brands. Of course, Smirnoff is in the game, there's Truly, etc. etc. I've been all aboard the low-calorie, vaguely...
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