Married couple didn't know they have to have sex to make baby

Married couple didn't know they have to have sex to make baby.
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Feet In Bed Insinuating Sex

30% Of Americans Have "Broken Quarantine" For Sex

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, about 30% have left their home to have sex. 51% say they've had someone come to their house. That math doesn't work, but okay.
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Blow Up Doll

Soap Opera Will Use Blow-Up Dolls For Filming Sex Scenes

The Young and the Restless soap opera Will Use Blow-Up Dolls For Filming Sex Scenes.
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Couple Kissing With Mask

Now They're Saying Couples Should Wear Masks While Having Sex

Harvard scientists recommend wearing face masks while having sex to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
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Locked Crotch

Having Sex With Somebody Who Doesn't Live With You Is Now Illegal

Anyone who's caught having sex at their house with someone who doesn't live there could go to jail in England.
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Red Light District Brothel

Brothels Can Reopen As Long As Safe Sex Positions Are Posted

Swiss brothels will resume operation June 6th, but with a list of guidelines all clients and sex workers must follow.
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IKEA Carts

IKEA China Kindly Asks You Don't Pleasure Yourself In Their Stores

In response to a video that has gone viral on Chinese social media, IKEA is politely requesting that you don't pleasure yourself in their stores.
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multi colored condoms

A Condom Shortage May Lead To A Coronavirus "Baby Boom"

Some experts say we could expect a "Coronavirus Baby Boom" thanks to a condom shortage and extended periods of "shelter in place".
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A "Snake Orgy" Has Taken Over A Lakeland, Florida Park

A completely natural, not out-of-the-ordinary, "snake orgy" has closed off part of Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland.
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Virginia For Married Lovers Sign

Virginia Thinking About Repealing A Law Prohibiting Premarital Sex

Virginia is for long as your married. That law could change.
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