multi colored condoms

A Condom Shortage May Lead To A Coronavirus "Baby Boom"

Some experts say we could expect a "Coronavirus Baby Boom" thanks to a condom shortage and extended periods of "shelter in place".
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A "Snake Orgy" Has Taken Over A Lakeland, Florida Park

A completely natural, not out-of-the-ordinary, "snake orgy" has closed off part of Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland.
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Virginia For Married Lovers Sign

Virginia Thinking About Repealing A Law Prohibiting Premarital Sex

Virginia is for long as your married. That law could change.
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A Deaf Man Is Suing PornHub For Their Lack Of Closed Captions

A deaf man has taken a lawsuit to adult video website PornHub over the lack of closed captions on their videos.
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No Florida On List Of U.S. Cities with the Highest STD Rates

A new study found the cities with the highest STD rates. Baltimore is number one, followed by Jackson, Mississippi and Philadelphia.
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coachella music festival

Study Says Coachella Leads To Huge Increase In Herpes Cases Around Southern California

HerpAlert, the STD diagnosis app, has reported that there was 2,083% increase in herpes cases in Indio, CA and the surrounding cities during Coachella 2019's first weekend alone.
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man flirting with woman at bar

Study Shows People Will Immediately Start Lying To Have Sex

A new study found that when we're talking to someone we might have sex with, we immediately start lying to improve our chances.
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Man Pet Sheep

Man Allegedly Threatened Farmers Who Wouldn't Let Him Have Sex With Animals

A man from New Jersey just got arrested because he asked farmers to have sex with their animals, and they ended up co*k blocking him. After the farmers said "NO", he threatened them and even went so far as to damage their vehicles. This isn't a recent thing for Richard Decker (Animal Lover). The...
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farmer giving thumbs up

Farmers Have More Sex Than People With Any Other Job

According to a new survey, farmers say they have more sex than people with any other job. One in three say they have sex daily . (But can we believe them? Do they all have girlfriends that go to a different school that we've totally never met before but no, yeah, she's a model in Canada.) The top...
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assorted toothpaste tubes

PSA: Don't Rub Toothpaste On Your Junk To Last Longer

I shouldn't have to tell you this... Don't rub toothpaste on your junk to last longer in bed. There are all sorts of videos promoting the idea of doing that on YouTube and Reddit. They're claiming that putting toothpaste on your manhood will add 30 minutes to your stamina. But... A) There's no...
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