Man Pet Sheep

Man Allegedly Threatened Farmers Who Wouldn't Let Him Have Sex With Animals

A man from New Jersey just got arrested because he asked farmers to have sex with their animals, and they ended up co*k blocking him. After the farmers said "NO", he threatened them and even went so far as to damage their vehicles. This isn't a recent thing for Richard Decker (Animal Lover). The...
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farmer giving thumbs up

Farmers Have More Sex Than People With Any Other Job

According to a new survey, farmers say they have more sex than people with any other job. One in three say they have sex daily . (But can we believe them? Do they all have girlfriends that go to a different school that we've totally never met before but no, yeah, she's a model in Canada.) The top...
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assorted toothpaste tubes

PSA: Don't Rub Toothpaste On Your Junk To Last Longer

I shouldn't have to tell you this... Don't rub toothpaste on your junk to last longer in bed. There are all sorts of videos promoting the idea of doing that on YouTube and Reddit. They're claiming that putting toothpaste on your manhood will add 30 minutes to your stamina. But... A) There's no...
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grandma in kitchen with coffee

83 Year Old Cougar Prowls For Younger Men On Tinder

I have been consistently single for most of my adult life, so I've been known to using a dating app, or five... with very few results. That's the life of being a guy on dating apps, a fairly unattractive guy on dating apps, a guy with very few redeeming qualities on dating apps. But you get used to...
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couple flirting with chart

Introducing "Choreplay": Trading Chores For Sexual Favors

Here's a new made-up word for you: CHOREPLAY. That's where a wife or husband offers sexual favors in exchange for their significant other cleaning the house. Of course, there's some controversy around it - one relationship counselor says, quote, "Ultimately, you may feel like you're in a...
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assorted emojis

People Who Use More Emojis Have A Better Dating Life and More Sex

Stop holding yourself back. If you want to load up your texts with 19 different emojis, from laughing cat faces to every different colored heart, you do you, boo. According to a new study , people who use lots of emojis have better DATING LIVES than other people; They go on more dates, date higher-...
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man looking down pajama pants

What Do Women Really Want? A Nice Smile... And Average Junk

"It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean"... and your teeth. That's it. That's all women really want in a man. If you've got nice teeth and five-and-a-half inches of fury in your pants, consider yourself a made man. A new survey asked women to name the sexiest physical features...
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man looking down pajama pants

Science Creates The "Ultimate Sex Playlist"

A "pelvic healthcare company" called Kegel 8 wanted to create the ultimate sex playlist... or, as they called it, a FOREPLAYLIST. (Oof) So they did some digging on Spotify to find the most popular songs in people's sex-related playlists. They looked at lists containing several keywords, including "...
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Sex Robots Save Marriage

According to a University of British Columbia Professor.
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