Social Distancing

Bigfoot Skunk Ape

Skunk Ape At Gatorland Will Help Promote Social Distancing

Gatorland's Skunk Ape will help promote social distancing when Gatorland re-opens.
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Bar Unveils Tube Tables on Wheels to Help Customers Social Distance

A bar in Maryland came up with a creative solution to help customers remain socially distant when it reopens. The famous Ocean City bar revealed its new social distancing tubes for customers.
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pool noodles

A German Cafe Used Pool Noodle Hats To Help Social Distance

To help with social distancing, a German cafe gave all of it's patrons straw hats with pool noodles attached to keep them apart.
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Coronavirus: Study Says Americans May Be Suffering ‘Quarantine Fatigue’

Are you sick of being in quarantine? A study now reports that Americans may be suffering from ‘quarantine fatigue’ during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Researchers Warn Americans Might Have to Social Distance Until 2022

If a coronavirus vaccine isn’t quickly made available for Americans, people may have to social distance until 2022, according to a new study.
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Can You Get Fined for Not Adhering to Social Distancing Guidelines?

With strict social distancing guidelines still in effect across the country, many are wondering if these parameters are enforceable by law. Cities across the country are using different means of keeping community members from gathering in groups.
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Neighbors Host 'Social Distancing' Dinosaur Parade!

Neighbors organized a social distancing dinosaur parade
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Woman Finds Bizarre Way to Self-Isolate While Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic

While many of us are social distancing, a woman thought of a creative way to do it. A woman in England has taken self-isolation to a whole other level.
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