Gay Penguin Couple Steals Egg From Hetero Penguin Couple At Zoo

I'm sure by now you've heard of gay penguins both in the wild and in captivity, but have you heard of criminal gay penguins? Oh yes, it's a thing. A male gay penguin couple stole an egg from a heterosexual penguin couple at the DierenPark Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands. Zoo officials say the gay...
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Inmate Lawyer Judge

Prisoner Attempted To Steal Tobacco Hidden In Another Inmates Rectum

Judge Paula Francisco is continuing the conviction of Maurice Wakefield II for attempting to steal tobacco hidden up another prisoners rectum. This conviction could have Wakefield serving up to 18 years in prison. Back in March 16, 2017 Wakefield and other prisoners were aware that an inmate had...
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Man Steals His Date’s Car Then Uses It For Another Date With Her God-Sister

The suspects name is Kelton Griffin. He asked Faith Pugh who he'd known since high school to go on a date, but the only problem is he didn't have a car. The solution? Faith said Kelton could drive her car, but first they needed to stop by the gas station to get some some cigars. Faith goes inside...
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Squirrel Snatches This Guys Blunt

When offered a blunt, Snoop Squirrel snatches it and takes it up a tree. Video of Og Squigga Snatches Homies Blunt
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Teenagers Steal Oregano Instead of Pot At Marijuana Shop

A group of teenagers broke into a marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, Colorado yesterday.
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