Men Less Likely to Wear Masks Because They Think It's 'Not Cool,' Study Finds

Men are less likely to wear face masks in public than women because they think it’s a ‘sign of weakness,’ according to a study done by Middlesex University London in the UK and the Mathematical Science Research Institute in Berkeley, California.
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man unzipping jeans

A Study Suggests Men May Be More Vulnerable To COVID-19 Due To Their Testicles

A study published in India suggests that testicles may make men more vulnerable to Coronavirus.
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Study Shows Florida #2 State In Representing America

When you look at the demographics, which state best represents America as a whole? A new study found it's Illinois, followed by Florida, Michigan, Arizona, and Ohio. Vermont ranked last.
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black cat yellow paper

A Study Confirms Your Cat Will Eat Your Dead Body... Starting With The Arms

A new study found your cat probably WILL eat you if you die. And they'll most likely eat your ARMS first.
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2 Out Of 5 Of Us Can't Fix House Stuff Without Google

2 Out Of 5 Of Us Can't Fix House Stuff Without Google
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christmas tree by fireplace

2% Of People Wait Until February To Take Down Their Christmas Tree

2% of people say they don't take down their Christmas tree until February or later, according to a new survey. 37% get rid of their tree the first week of January.
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couple driving in car with kid

People Will Drive More Cautiously With A Cake In The Car, Rather Than Their Kid

A new study monitored people as they drove in the car with one of two different things: Their kids or a cake.
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man flirting with woman at bar

Study Shows People Will Immediately Start Lying To Have Sex

A new study found that when we're talking to someone we might have sex with, we immediately start lying to improve our chances.
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man sick on couch

A Study Will Pay You $3,300 To Get The Flu On Purpose

The National Institutes of Health is running a study that will pay people $3,300 to get the flu on purpose.
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drunk people party

The Average American Loses $193 Worth Of Stuff Each Year While Drunk

The average American loses $193 worth of stuff when they're drunk every year. And the things we're most likely to lose are our phone, keys, and cash.
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