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The Corona Challenge Is WAYYY Dumber Than Tide Pods

A 22-year-old TikTok idiot tried to start a new "Corona Challenge" by posting a video of herself LICKING A TOILET SEAT on an AIRPLANE.
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Woman Wearing FBI Hat

Woman Wearing FBI Hat Tells Gas Station Worker She's With The CIA

I've watched a lot of LIVE PD, and read a lot of news stories. I have come to the conclusion that 99.9% of criminals are complete idiots. Let's meet one. Lisa O'Donnel from St. Joseph County Indiana allegedly was wearing a hat that said "FBI" and told the clerks at a gas station that she was with...
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Tire Band-Aid

A Guy Gets Busted for Drugs While Trying to Fix a Flat Tire With Band-Aids

Someone in Southern California called the cops on Tuesday about a "suspicious" guy fixing a flat tire on the side of the road, about halfway between San Diego and L.A. Sounds pretty normal, right? It turned out the guy was trying to fix two flat tires on his SUV by patching them with BAND-AIDS,...
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VIDEO: Florida Man Attacks Jogger With Sword Over Trash Treasures

I'm a curbside shopper so this story hits a bit too close to home. (Hey, don't judge - my neighbors put out good stuff) Two Florida Men in Broward County got into it after they both wanted the same item from a neighbors trash pile - a lawn cart in surprisingly good condition, according to Fox35 ...
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A Guy Freaks Out When A Dead Squirrel Falls On Him

Props to this guy for posting a video of himself looking like a dummy. His security cam filmed him using a skimmer to pick up a dead squirrel in his swimming pool (poor little guy). But after he gets it in the net he trips and somehow manages to make the squirrel land on his back. And then runs off...
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A Woman Reports Her Car Stolen While She's Driving It In A Police Chase

Yay! Iowa has crazy people too! 20-year-old Rachel Thornburg called 911 on Tuesday morning to report her 1998 Buick Century had been stolen, ABC 8 reported. But that was a lie. Because Rachel was driving that car in a high-speed police chase at the time. Story has it, a cop had clocked her speeding...
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Tall Guy Blocks Concert View, Wears 'Sorry' Shirt

At 5'7" I don't consider myself short, but I definitely still get ticked when a tall person gets in front of me at a concert and all I can see is their back sweat. Gross. This guy at a festival overseas has the right idea. He obviously knows that his stage blockage is annoying so he tries to make...
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Florida Lightning Strike Causes Toilet To Explode

Well this is gross. A lightning strike in Port Charlotte caused a toliet to literally explode over the weekend. The strike hit Marylou Ward's septic tank and the electricity traveled through the pipe and into her bathroom - where it exploded into "hundred of pieces," according to Local10 . "...
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Florida Man Arrested For Crack In Crack...Really

Sometimes criminals make it super easy on the cops and help them CRACK the case by telling them where the drugs are hidden. I'm sure the cops in this case were grateful this guy came right out and said what he had and where he had it rather than have to go digging... Earlier this month, a 35-year-...
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Florida Woman Instagram Model Steals Vape, Tries To Getaway In Lyft, Then Uber

Ever wonder how different an Instagram model looks in real life vs her online pics? Just take a look at her mugshot - that should give you an idea. This story starts with a 23-year-old woman named Kate Lamothe from Los Angeles, who runs a very glamorous Instagram account that shows modeling...
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