text message screen

Oof. Some People Just Received Texts That Were Sent on Valentine's Day

There was a bug that affected text messages back on Valentine's Day, so a bunch of people just got texts that were sent to them on February 14th.
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girl on bed

A College Student Texted Her Mom A Picture Of Her Bedroom... But Forget To Hide Her Handcuffs

Well at least now this woman's mom knows what she's REALLY doing at college. Ella Martine is a college student at Chapman University in Orange, California. And she just sent a picture of her room to her mom. But she forgot one thing... she left her HANDCUFFS attached to her bed frame. Her mom...
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What You Can and Can't Do Behind The Wheel Beginning July 1st

I'm gonna give you a quick no and yes on all the actions below, and provide a link at the bottom so you can get a more in depth look at the laws. TEXT AT RED LIGHTS YES TEXT WHILE IN TRAFFIC NO TEXT AT STOP SIGN NO SELECT A SONG YES USE GPS YES USE SOCIAL MEDIA NO PLAYS GAMES ON YOUR PHONE NO...
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