rugby players

[VIDEO] With No Games, Rugby Commentator Starts To Call Normal Life

With no games being played, Rugby Commentator and Journalist Nick Heath is finding ways to call play-by-play on everyday life
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marbles on a sidewalk

Missing Sports? Let Me Introduce You To Marble Racing

It started out with "COMET" trending on Twitter, and led me down a rabbit hole I can't get out of... Marble Racing.
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Finneas Claps Back At Twitter Troll

Finneas Claps Back At Twitter Troll, says fame didn't come from his parent's record friends
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Everyone Is Standing Their Brooms Up For Absolutely No Reason

The internet is collectively trying to stand their brooms up for basically no reason.
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Sunday Is The 10th Annual National Unfriend Day

This Sunday is the 10th annual National Unfriend Day. And it's a holiday we really SHOULD participate in, since you never know which of your friends are happily giving access to your info to the Russians in exchange for a quiz about what flavor of Gatorade is their spirit animal. So take advantage...
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hurricane off the coast of florida

Floridians Prepare For Hurricane Dorian... With Grade A Spicy Memes

While we prepare for Dorian, the first hurricane of the season - expected to connect with Florida this weekend as a potential Category 3 - Floridians are getting prepared by stocking up on food and water, securing their houses, and making some Grade A memes. Get a Publix 'Go Away' Hurricane cake...
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popeyes louisiana kitchen

Popeye's and Chick-Fil-A Fans Are Fighting Over Who Has The Best Chicken Sandwich

So this is what we're gonna do today, internet? We're gonna fight about chicken sandwiches? If you head to Twitter, you'll see that "Popeyes" is trending - because the social media interns at Popeye's and Chick-Fil-A have started a war about who has the best chicken sandwich. I guess Popeye's has...
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jimmy eat world drummer

Jimmy Eat World Drummer Calls Third Eye Blind Frontman "F***ing Creepy D*****bag"

So Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind just wrapped up their 'Summer Gods' co-headlining tour and... something... must have happened. Immediately after the final night of the tour, Jimmy Eat World's drummer Zach Lind had some choice words about Third Eye Blind's frontman, Stephan Jenkins. LOL pic...
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guy fieri

Guy Fieri Has Lost His Mind & He's Becoming A Living Meme

I've never known how to feel about Guy Fieri. Growing up an Alton Brown fan, Guy seemed like a novelty, or a try-hard, or just a weird dude with frosted tips and blowing shirts - but as I've grown as a person and learned to have an open mind, I've learned that Guy Fieri is just a straight up cool...
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Ruin Your Favorite Band's Name By Changing One Letter

Well, my day is officially made! These are amazing. Kids #RuinABandNameWithOneLetter — Obi-Wan Shinobi (@sammythetre) January 5, 2019 Alice in Chairs #RuinABandNameWithOneLetter — Suzu (@suzuhiggins) August 3, 2019 Barenaked Laddies. #...
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