Uber Will Require Passengers and Drivers to Wear Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Uber will soon require that its passengers and drivers wear face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. No start date has been reported, but the company is encouraging people to always wear face masks.
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dog in passenger seat

Tampa Is Getting Uber Pet So They Can Ride With, But Orlando Isn't

Uber is launching a 'pet-friendly' option in select markets where you can bring your pet along for just $4
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How To Improve Your Crappy Uber Rating

Let's face it. You're rude, you hate engaging in small talk and you've had drunken make-outs in the backseat. All things that'll put a dent in your score... but here are some things you can do to fix that lickity split! According to Uber , this is how you do it: 1. Don't make your driver wait long...
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hands holding baby bird

Drunk Dude Calls Uber To Save A Baby Bird

I want you to read that headline again, and then be amazed that it isn't a Florida Man story. It was actually a Utah man, and the alcohol is watered-down in Utah, so he probably had to drink twice as much to get this drunk. But either way, he did the right thing? That's a question. I don't know if...
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Mel's Daily Rundown - A Wedding Crasher, Vomit Fraud, And A Possible Pearl Jam Tour

- According to News Channel 11, A 37 year old was arrested for crashing a wedding on St. Pete beach this week. Mark Saunderson allegedly danced, ate, drank, and partied at a hotel reception for complete strangers. He was arrested for disorderly conduct - not so much for crashing the wedding - more...
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Uber Is Now Offering "Quiet Mode" so those pesky drivers won't talk to you!

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Sure, if you get a weirdo driver it'd be nice not to have to make small talk. But are we losing a little bit of our humanity by making it so easy to dismiss people? On Tuesday, Uber rolled out a new QUIET MODE. And if you pick it, it means your driver...
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Amish Man Launches Horse & Carriage Uber Service.

I wonder if he has a 5 Star Rating.
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