Valentines Day


San Antonio Zoo Lets You Name A Cockroach After Your Ex To Be Eaten On V-Day

The San Antonio Zoo will once again let you name a cockroach after your ex, and watch it eaten live on Valentine's Day
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What People Actually Want For The Dreaded V-Day

The #1 thing women want for Valentine's Day this year is chocolate, followed by a card, and flowers. The #1 thing guys want is "sexual favors." Booze and electronics also made their top five.
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text message screen

Oof. Some People Just Received Texts That Were Sent on Valentine's Day

There was a bug that affected text messages back on Valentine's Day, so a bunch of people just got texts that were sent to them on February 14th.
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Worst Valentine's Day Candy Not Returning Until 2020 And The World Is Rejoicing!

The world is changing and the company behind the infamous Sweethearts candy is no more, or at least until 2020. Resurrected from the ashes like a phoenix, the Spangler Company purchased NECCO Wafers, owner of the Sweetheart brand, and is now reopening the factory for these 'delicious' treats. I...
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AJR and Jill

AJR In Studio With Jill

AJR stopped by the FM studios with Jill today before tonight's show. Here is what went down.
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